Download a List of Grades

You can download an Inbox Report for a Turnitin Assignment. This Excel document (compatibility mode enabled) includes the following fields:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • User ID
  • Turnitin User ID [note: this is a unique ID generated by Turnitin, not related to the student’s CCCU username or Student ID)
  • Title [of Paper]
  • Paper ID
  • Date Uploaded
  • Grade
  • Overlap / Similarity

To download an Inbox Report, first access the Turnitin Assignment point by clicking on Course Tools (in the Control Panel) > Turnitin Assignments. Click on the name of the relevant Turnitin Assignment to open the Assignment Inbox.

Export Inbox Report

Above the main list of students and submissions, click the Export button to trigger the download. This will be automatically saved to your default download file/folder/location.

The Export button, located just above the main Assignment Inbox table
The ‘Export’ button can be found just above the main table in the Assignment Inbox, to the left of the ‘Submit’ button.