Delete or Rename Folders in your ReCap Manage Media

If you wish to delete or rename a folder in your Manage Media area of ReCap, simply hover your mouse over the folder until a small ‘cog’ appears.  Click once on the ‘cog’ and the word ‘More’ will appear.

Hovering over a folder

Image shows the mouse hovering over a folder and the More option being made available

Click on the word ‘More’ and a further small window appears for you to be able to change the name of the folder, or enter a description or tags.

If you wish to delete the folder click on +Actions and the option to Delete Folder will appear.  Click on Delete Folder.

The next window that displays prompts you to enter the text ‘Confirm’ to confirm you are sure you wish to delete this folder.  This is case sensitive.

Enter the required text and then select Yes and the folder will be deleted.

Actions Delete Folder option and Delete confirmation window

Image shows the actions option highlighting the delete folder option with a pop out image showing where the user needs to input the text Confirm to confirm deletion of their folder.