Creating Folders in your ReCap Manage Media

It is recommended that you create yourself a folder structure before creating any recordings.  This will help you store and then find your recordings quicker and more easily in future.

  • Within the ReCap media window select the Manage Media link at the top of the screen and select New Folder.
  • The Create a new folder window will open, prompting you to enter a name for the folder.
  • Enter a meaningful name and select Save.
Manage Media and Naming of Folder windows

Image shows the My Media window with the Manage Media and New Folder options highlighted with a pop out image displaying the small naming window that displays when a new folder is created.
  • Your new folder will appear next to the ‘Default Collection’ folder already there, as well as appear in the folder list on the left-hand side under your My Media in the Personal section.
My Media Window

Image shows the newly created folder in the My Media menu