Creating a CCCU Padlet Account

The University has an institutional licence for Padlet (called Padlet Backpack) which allows all staff and students to create a free account with their CCCU or KMMS email address, username, and password. Please ensure that you use your email address. Accounts created in this way allow users to access all free and premium content! Scroll through the following guide to see how to create an account in this way (page 1), and what to do if you need to move Padlets created from an earlier personal account into your CCCU one (page 2).

Important Note: Once your account has been created, do not change your email address away from your CCCU or KMMS account. This may break your account and result in lost Padlets that may become unrecoverable.

How to Create a Padlet

  1. Log in to your CCCU Padlet Account
  2. From the Dashboard, click +Make a Padlet
  3. Select the layout of Padlet you would like to set up
  4. Your new Padlet will open together with the Modify panel on the right-hand side
  5. Give your Padlet a Title and add a Description
  6. Scroll through the steps in the Modify panel to customise
    1. the URL
    2. its appearance, colour scheme, font
    3. posting options
    4. content filter
    5. privacy settings
  7. Select Next from the top right-hand corner of the Modify panel to start posting.
  8. You can go back to Modify your Padlet at any time by simply selecting the Cog icon in the top right-hand area of your Padlet screen.