Copying content from another module board

To copy content from one module site to another, the trick is to ensure you are in the correct area of the destination site and that the content you are copying across doesn’t contain more layers/sub-folders than is achievable in the destination site. There is a maximum of 3 layers, or one layer of sub-folders within a top layer folder.

You can either copy individual items or multiple items. If selecting multiple items there may be a little more ‘tidying’ to do once the items have copied across. Please do not copy Turnitin Assignments and if copying Blackboard Test or Assignments please ensure you check the settings once copied.

Copying Content – Single Items (2mins 40sec)
Copying Content – Multiple Items (8min 20sec)

The Multiple Items video has been indexed for you to quickly jump to appropriate sections. Select the settings cog in playback mode to open the sidebar:

Screen image of the settings cog selected in playback mode to view the show sidebar option.

  1. From within the module site where you want to copy the content to, select the purple plus sign and select Copy from the menu. (NB If you wish the content to be ‘inside’ a folder, ensure that you have opened and are within the folder you want it to appear and not sitting below it.)
screen image showing the folder open in Blackboard Ultra

2. At the top of the Copy Items screen, in the search bar, enter the name of the module site that contains the content you wish to copy. This will return all module sites you have access to that include the name you added in the search bar:

screen image showing the copy items screen in Blackboard.

3. Do not be tempted to select the checkbox to the left side of the module name, instead select the arrow pointing to the right, this will allow you to drill deeper into the module to find the content you wish to copy.

In the example below, selecting the arrow to the right of the Gardening 101 module displays the three main areas of the site, Content, Discussions and Question Banks. I know that the content I wish to copy sits within Content > Learning Resources and Activities > Week 3 – Edible Trees folder. Using the arrow each time takes me a level deeper. You can then simple select the checkboxes next to each item you wish to copy. The checked items will appear on the right-hand side of the screen as ‘selected’.

Screen image of the steps to drill deeper to access content to copy.

It is possible to select items in one folder, then using the breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen move into another folder to select other content.

4. After selecting the items you wish to copy, click on Start Copy.

5. The copying process takes a few seconds/minutes depending on the number and size of the items selected to be copied.

screen image of the copying content icon.

Once the copied content has successfully completed you will be returned to the module where you want the items copied to and a small icon will appear at the bottom of your screen:

screen image of the copy content completed successfully

6. Navigate to the location you wanted the items to appear in e.g. Learning Resources folder to view the copied content and set visibility and check accessibility.

For Blackboard’s own guidance on copying content: Copy content from Other Courses.