Based on the standardised University Turnitin set-up, you should only ever need to change the assessment dates, for example when there has been a change to the submission deadline and/or feedback return date, and in some circumstances the assessment name.

Once you have your Turnitin Assignments set up to the cross-University standard, please do not change any settings other than dates and/or assessment name.

  • Within your Module Blackboard, select the Assessments link from the menu.
  • Go to the folder containing the Turnitin Assignment.
  • Select the drop-down arrow to the right of the Turnitin Assignment heading.
  • Select Edit from the menu.
screen image showing the Edit option from the drop-down menu next to a pre-created Turnitin Assignment
  • Make the necessary changes to the Name or Date field(s).
Screen image showing the Turnitin Update Assignment window to change the Name or dates of the assignment

If you need to change the date feedback is released to students (Post date), the way that Turnitin works with Blackboard means that it is possible that a copy of the grade added to Turnitin feedback may be visible to students through Blackboard but not through Turnitin.

To avoid undesired early visibility of grades, you must ensure the Turnitin option ‘Reveal grades to students only on Post date?’ is set to Yes.
If the Post Date has not passed, simply change the Post date and click on Submit. If the Post Date has passed:

  1. Before you submit the changed Post date, open the optional settings.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Reveal grades to students only on post date?’
  3. This will be showing as No
  4. Select Yes
  5. Then click on Submit
Screen image showing the Reveal grades to students only on post date? option in Turnitin Assignment set-up

For further guidance on checking that student’s cannot see their grades through the Blackboard Grade Centre please see: