Why is Turnitin telling me I am marking a Draft submission?

Under the standardised University Turnitin set-up, after a student has submitted to a Final (on time) Turnitin Assignment (submission point) they can update their submission with a new file any time up until the submission deadline.  This is useful in the case of accidental submissions of the wrong file (although they can only see their Similarity Report once, after the deadline). 

If you add feedback to students’ work before the submission deadline for Final (on time) submission points, you will see this notice:

Turnntin warning prompt stating: "This is a draft submission. Any and all marks will be deleted when or if the paper is resubmitted. Would you like to continue?". Buttons available are "OK" and "Cancel"

This does not mean the student has submitted a draft to self-check their work – there are separate submission points for this.  It is a warning that, because you are adding feedback before the submission deadline, your feedback will be lost if the student updates their submission. 

Note: this is not the case for Final (after deadline) submission points.  Students can make only a single submission to these.

I am unable to view a Similarity Report and/or Feedback, why is this?

After opening a student’s submission in the Feedback Studio (document viewer) you may find that you cannot see the Similarity report and/or Feedback that has been provided for the submission. In order to view these, you will need to turn on the relevant ‘layer’. You can do this by clicking on the layers button (fig. a) and ticking the layer(s) you wish to view (fig. b).

Note: the originality layer will only be viewable if the Turnitin Assignment has been set up to generate Similarity reports by the Programme/Registry team.

Can I access Turnitin to mark at home?

Yes, Blackboard/Turnitin are available like any other website, either directly at https://learn.canterbury.ac.uk or by following the links from the www.canterbury.ac.uk home page.

Note: It is not recommended to use RDS to access Blackboard/Turnitin. This is because it may block certain browser tokens necessary to ensure that you are authenticated properly.

Turnitin Training

The main training now focuses on Turnitin within a Blackboard Ultra site, however, if you require training for Turnitin on a Blackboard Original site please contact the Learning Technology Skills Developer via email: LTECHSKILLS@canterbury.ac.uk.

This development session introduces academic staff who are new to Turnitin to what Turnitin is and what the CCCU policy requirements are.  It will also demonstrate the process of how students submit and what common issues can arise.

This development session, designed for academic administration staff who may be responsible for setting up Turnitin Assignments within Blackboard sites.  This session will demonstrate which set-up steps are required depending on the type of Assignment that has been set.

This development session demonstrates how to access Turnitin’s Feedback Studio. You will be shown how to view similarity reports (if generated) for a student’s submitted script, select filters and criteria. You will also be shown the different types of electronic feedback that can be added to a student’s submission and manage their release.

This development session will show you how to successfully create and upload assessment grids known as Rubrics in Turnitin’s Grade Mark tool which is used for e-feedback.

This development session will demonstrate how to edit or change Turnitin Assignments dates, manage student submissions, and explain the correct process to clear an incorrect submission, submit on behalf of a student and how to download and archive submissions and e-feedback. As well as correctly accessing Turnitin to retrieve marks.

The above workshops are available as scheduled sessions which are bookable via StaffSpace.

Other Turnitin training is available on request. Please email LTECHSKILLS@canterbury.ac.uk.

Viewing Similarity Reports, Adding Grades, Feedback and Syncing Data

Turnitin iPad App

Similarity Reports

View an overview of how to access and navigate students’ Similarity Reports within the app on Turnitin’s own guide.

Adding Grades and Feedback

View an overview of how to add grades and feedback within the app on Turnitin’s own guide.

Syncing Data

When you have an active internet connection, any changes made to your Turnitin classes and assignments (e.g. new student submissions) will automatically synchronise with the Turnitin Feedback Studio app every 5 minutes. Any changes you make within the app (e.g. providing grades and feedback) will also sync back to Turnitin every 5 minutes.

Advice: when you have been working offline, you should try and sync the app whenever you have an active internet connection – the only copy of grades and feedback will be on your iPad until you next sync.

For an overview of how to sync data within the app, see Turnitin’s own guide.

Accessing and Downloading Submissions for Offline Marking

Turnitin iPad App

Similar to the desktop version of Turnitin, the Assignment Inbox allows you to manage your students’ submissions directly within the iPad app. You can also download work for marking, add feedback and grades without an internet connection, and then upload these to Turnitin when you next have an internet connection.

For further guidance on how to navigate submissions, see the Assignment Inbox section within Turnitin’s own guide (use the Next >> button at the bottom of each part to step through the guide)

IMPORTANT: To avoid overwriting each other’s feedback when synchronising the app, it is important that you only download the individual submissions you are responsible for marking, rather than using the Download All option.

iPad App Adding additional Blackboard courses

To add additional Blackboard courses to the app, you will need to repeat the above steps, and add each ‘Class’ from within Blackboard.

  1. Return to the class list by tapping on the Turnitin App. The name of the newly added Blackboard will appear in the list.
  2. Once you have finished adding the feedback and grades to the relevant submissions, tap on the menu icon (appears as three lines stacked vertically) to ‘Sync Now’ or to ‘Log Out’ of the Turnitin App fully.

Logging out completely, will remove all the papers, data and user information previously downloaded to the iPad Turnitin App, so ensure you have fully Synced before logging out.

For further guidance on how to add additional classes, see the Adding an LMS class to the app section within Turnitin’s own guide.

Turnitin iPad App Check before you start

IMPORTANT- Check before you start


You should ensure that your iPad is secured using a passcode. Details of how to set this up can be found at: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204060

Data Protection

Remember, once you download work to your iPad for marking you are carrying around personal information. Data Protection requirements apply. Treat as if you are carrying around physical work for marking.

Risk of Losing Work

Regularly sync any grades and feedback when working offline to reduce the risk of losing marked work.

If working with a team of markers, only one person can download a given Assignment’s submissions to their iPad at a time or risk overwriting each other’s feedback when synchronising the app.

NEVER DELETE CLASSES YOU’VE LINKED TO OR UNLINK YOUR TURNITIN ACCOUNT WITHIN THE APP BEFORE SYNCING GRADES AND FEEDBACK – if you do, you’ll lose any grades and feedback not already sync’d and you won’t be able to get them back.

Note: the Turnitin Feedback Studio app is only available for iPads. Turnitin have no plans at present to make an app for iPhones, Android or any other mobile devices. Additionally, student access is not currently supported by our Turnitin integration within Blackboard.

Turnitin iPad App Getting Started

Before starting please ensure you have read and understood: Check Before you Start

The 'Info' box within a Turnitin Assignment, featuring the 'Feedback Studio for iOS' section at the bottom.
  1. First, download and install the Turnitin Feedback Studio app from the App Store.
  2. When you first launch the app you will be presented with a login screen. Do Not enter your email or password.
  3. Select the Home button on your iPad, to minimise the Turnitin Feedback Studio App and then open the internet browser (e.g. Safari) on your iPad and go to Blackboard by entering learn.canterbury.ac.uk in the address bar.
  4. Log into Blackboard. Once logged in, access the correct module/course board and access Turnitin in the usual way: (Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments) and then select the name of the Turnitin Assignment you wish to mark.
    Note: There must be at least one submission made to the Turnitin Assignment.
  5. Open any paper by tapping on the assignment title of one of the submitted papers to view the script in Turnitin’s Feedback Studio viewer.
  6. Tap on the Info button, appears as an ( i ), to open the info box. Enter your email address in the fields at the bottom (image left). An email will be sent to your providing a link to Add Class.

Another smaller window will open Class Access Enabled, click OK. You will be taken to the Classes list in the Turnitin App.

7. The name of the Blackboard course (aka Turnitin ‘Class’) will be shown:

The 'Classes' list in the Turnitin iPad app.

By tapping on the name of the course you will see all of the Turnitin Assignment associated with it:

Having selected a Class, the list of associated Assignments is shown.

Selecting the title of the Turnitin Assignment will display the submitted student scripts.

Saving Feedback and Marks


Saving Feedback and Marks

When grading papers it is important to understand how Turnitin saves the different types of feedback that you may apply to a paper. Here is a breakdown to assist with your marking:

NOT SAVED: Turnitin has two feedback types that do not automatically save: Grades and Feedback Summary. Each of these will be surrounded by a glowing blue border when you click into them allowing you to enter the desired grade/text. In order to save these feedback types, do the following:

  • Grade (top-right corner) – after entering a grade you must click off of the area (i.e. click anywhere else in the window) in order to save. The glowing blue border around the grades box will disappear and be replaced with the usual grey outline. Note: pressing the Enter key after entering a grade does not save the grade.
  • Inline Comments / Feedback Summary (right-side panel, pencil icon) – same as above, after typing feedback into the Feedback Summary side panel, in order to save this you must click out of the text box by clicking on another area of the screen such as the white space next to the formatting options. The glowing blue border around the grades box will disappear and be replaced with the usual grey outline. When editing feedback, ensure you have moved your cursor to the appropriate section within the comments and you have left clicked your mouse once.

Important: As Turnitin has a security time-out feature that locks open papers that have not been interacted with after approximately 10 minutes, we recommend that markers either save regularly or draft their feedback in a word-processor (e.g. Word, Notepad, etc) first and then copy and paste this in.


  • onscript bubble comments
  • QuickMarks
  • onscript text summary comments and strikethroughs