Copying content from another module board

To copy content from one module site to another, the trick is to ensure you are in the correct area of the destination site and that the content you are copying across doesn’t contain more layers/sub-folders than is achievable in the destination site. There is a maximum of 3 layers, or one layer of sub-folders within a top layer folder.

You can either copy individual items or multiple items. If selecting multiple items there may be a little more ‘tidying’ to do once the items have copied across. Please do not copy Turnitin Assignments and if copying Blackboard Test or Assignments please ensure you check the settings once copied.

Copying Content – Single Items (2mins 40sec)
Copying Content – Multiple Items (8min 20sec)

The Multiple Items video has been indexed for you to quickly jump to appropriate sections. Select the settings cog in playback mode to open the sidebar:

Screen image of the settings cog selected in playback mode to view the show sidebar option.

  1. From within the module site where you want to copy the content to, select the purple plus sign and select Copy from the menu. (NB If you wish the content to be ‘inside’ a folder, ensure that you have opened and are within the folder you want it to appear and not sitting below it.)
screen image showing the folder open in Blackboard Ultra

2. At the top of the Copy Items screen, in the search bar, enter the name of the module site that contains the content you wish to copy. This will return all module sites you have access to that include the name you added in the search bar:

screen image showing the copy items screen in Blackboard.

3. Do not be tempted to select the checkbox to the left side of the module name, instead select the arrow pointing to the right, this will allow you to drill deeper into the module to find the content you wish to copy.

In the example below, selecting the arrow to the right of the Gardening 101 module displays the three main areas of the site, Content, Discussions and Question Banks. I know that the content I wish to copy sits within Content > Learning Resources and Activities > Week 3 – Edible Trees folder. Using the arrow each time takes me a level deeper. You can then simple select the checkboxes next to each item you wish to copy. The checked items will appear on the right-hand side of the screen as ‘selected’.

Screen image of the steps to drill deeper to access content to copy.

It is possible to select items in one folder, then using the breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen move into another folder to select other content.

4. After selecting the items you wish to copy, click on Start Copy.

5. The copying process takes a few seconds/minutes depending on the number and size of the items selected to be copied.

screen image of the copying content icon.

Once the copied content has successfully completed you will be returned to the module where you want the items copied to and a small icon will appear at the bottom of your screen:

screen image of the copy content completed successfully

6. Navigate to the location you wanted the items to appear in e.g. Learning Resources folder to view the copied content and set visibility and check accessibility.

For Blackboard’s own guidance on copying content: Copy content from Other Courses.

Releasing Feedback and Marks

Turnitin will release feedback and marks to students automatically on the Feedback Release Date that was entered when the assignment was set-up:

screen image showing the date fields in the Turnitin Assignment set up

In the above example this will be on the 21st March 2023 at 2pm.

However, there may be an occasion where you have marked all submissions and would like to release the feedback and marks earlier. It is not possible to only release feedback and marks to certain students, it is either all or none.

To release the feedback and marks earlier than the originally intended date and time, navigate to the Turnitin Assignment Inbox and select the settings cog:

screen image highlighting the settings cog in a Turnitin Assignment inbox

From the Assignment settings screen, change the Feedback Release Date to the date and time you would like the feedback and mark to be released, e.g. 03rd March 2023 at 2pm:

screen image sgowing the date filelds in Turnitin Assignment set up with the Feedback release date changed.

If you navigate to your Turnitin Assignment Inbox via the Blackboard Gradebook, you may notice in the Markable Items list view, a Post Marks option on the same row as the Turnitin Assignment:

screen image showing Blackboard's gradebook view with the Post Marks emphasised.

Selecting to Post Marks will release the marks given to each student for their assignment, however, if the Feedback Release Date has not been reached then students will not be able to view their feedback.

Therefore, please ensure if you wish to release the feedback and marks early for students, do this via the Turnitin Assignment Inbox settings and editing the Feedback Release Date rather than posting the marks from Blackboard’s Gradebook.

Locating a student’s submission

If a student has submitted their assignment to the incorrect Turnitin Assignment, but on the correct Blackboard site, Turnitin no longer allows you to click on a student’s name to view which other Turnitin submission points the student has submitted work in.

Instead, you can check via Blackboard’s Gradebook.

To do this, select Gradebook from the relevant Blackboard site:

screen image showing the gradebook link in Blackboard Ultra

Select Student to list all students in your Blackboard site:

screen image showing the list and students option in gradebook

Click on the student’s name to view what and where they have submitted:

screen image showing the student's name in list view in gradebook

This will open a new page about the student and will tell you what the student has submitted and where – this includes all forms of submission such as online tests, Turnitin submissions, Blackboard Assignment submissions, journal entries (if being accessed), discussion board entries (if being accessed):

screen image displaying the filtered student and where they have submitted or accessed assignments.

Making your Course Available

When Blackboard sites are created they are set to ‘Private’ meaning only Instructors can access them to add/update content.  Even when students are added to a Blackboard site they can’t access it until you make it available to them.

To make a Blackboard site available to students select the ‘Open course’ option from the three dots … to the right of the Blackboard in the Courses and Modules list:

Click three dots to right of Blackboard site in list of Course and Modules and select Open course

Alternatively, click on the Padlock icon within the Blackboard site to make it available to students:

Click Padlock with a Blackboard site to make it available to students

For more information on availability of Blackboard sites to students see Blackboard’s in depth guidance.

For further help, or just for a second pair of eyes, please drop into our weekday Technology Enhanced Learning surgery.  Details are on the Blackboard institution (home) page.

Troubleshooting Blackboard Learn Mobile App

Microsoft Authenticator is not letting me into the app

If you are not logged in after using the Microsoft authenticator app then please try an alternative way of authenticating with Microsoft (e.g. SMS or email address) as shown below.

The Microsoft web verification page with alternate options indicated.  An arrow points to the Text and call options.

If you have any difficulty, please contact the the IT Service Desk.

An error message or blank screen is shown when accessing a Turnitin assignment through the Blackboard app on iPhone or iPad.

Although not recommended for providing feedback, students can submit, and staff can view assessments using the Blackboard App.  There is a app for Turnitin which you can use to provide feedback.

If you experience a blank screen or error message while connecting to Turnitin please make sure you turn on Cross Website Tracking as shown below.

  • Go to Settings:
The iPhone springboard Home Screen showing the settings app highlighted by an arrow.
    • Select the Blackboard App Settings option:
    The settings menu with the Blackboard option highlighted by an arrow.

    • Switch on Cross Website Tracking:
    The Allow Cross-Website Tracking option highlighted.  The image shows this setting in the on mode.

    Note: You may have to close the app and re-open for the settings to apply.

    Downloading the Blackboard Learn Mobile application

    screen image of the Blackboard Learn App tile

    The Blackboard Learn app can be downloaded for supported Android and Apple Devices.  You can either search for Blackboard in your app store or go to the following Blackboard Help pages for a direct link .

    Please note:

    • You will be prompted to enter your full institution or school name, please use Canterbury Christ Church University.

    During the login process you will be requested to authenticate with Microsoft, this is normal. If you have any issues with using the Microsoft authenticator app or other method to authenticate, please try another method (such as by SMS or email code).  If you continue to have issues, please contact the IT Service Desk.

    Blackboard Learn Mobile App

    The Blackboard Learn app provides an intuitive way to interact with different types of features, depending on your role, be it an instructor or a student.

    For instance, if you’re an instructor, you’ll only be shown the courses where you’re enrolled as an instructor, TA, course builder, or other custom roles. If you are a student, you’ll only be shown the courses where you’re enrolled as a student.

    In the Blackboard Learn app, you can perform these tasks:


    • Preview course items, assignments, and tests
    • Create and upload course content
    • Receive push notifications
    • Participate in discussions
    • Send announcements

    For Blackboard assessments (non-Turnitin) only:

    • Grade assignments and update assessment settings
    • Change item settings for assessments and other content


    • View course items and course announcements
    • Receive notifications including announcements and when new content is added.
    • Download supported content for offline viewing
    • Take assignments and tests
    • Participate in discussions

    The app will also interface with external tools such as Turnitin and ReCap.

    Restoring Deleted Content


    Whilst we all try to minimise the number of accidental deletions that can occur across the Learning Platform Suite, we accept that it does happen. Recommended best practice is to avoid deleting items where possible until you have checked whether:
    a) it is necessary (could the item be hidden instead?)
    b) it impacts other items (if deleting a folder, are you clear that everything inside it will be deleted too?)
    c) it is agreed at a wider level (have the module/course team or Leader been consulted?)

    The TEL Team can often recover deleted items, however it is not a guarantee and should not be treated as such. Listed below are a few examples which include what to expect and what to include in your request for restoring content to the IT Service Desk. Each request may take up to 5 days to complete, though faster will always be aimed for where possible (note: where raised with a third-party, such as Turnitin, the request may take longer to fulfill).

    Blackboard – Content Item/Folder Deleted

    If an item or folder (not containing Turnitin Assignments, see below section) has been deleted, the TEL Team are able restore from archives that are generated on a daily basis (in most cases and for a module in the current academic year) and which are only kept for 30 days at a time. Please consider first if the item can be re-uploaded, for example if it was a file, which would be quicker. If not, then please include the following in an email to the IT Service Desk:
    Blackboard Module Name (e.g. 2022-23 (Advent) Biology 101)
    Name and original location of the item/folder deleted

    The TEL Team will restore a version of the module as a separate site and then copy the item over. If it is not clear what item needs copying, or if multiple items need copying, the requestor will be added as the sole enrollee on the site and asked to review/copy for themselves. Once complete, the requestor should confirm that the separate site is no longer needed and the TEL Team will remove it from the live system.

    Turnitin – Submission/Paper Deleted

    If a submission/paper is deleted from Turnitin, the TEL Team are able to request a restoration from Turnitin’s own support team. So long as a submission has gone into Turnitin’s wider database, Turnitin Support are able to retrieve it and re-add it to the relevant Turnitin Assignment from where it was deleted.

    Please include the following in an email to the IT Service Desk:
    Blackboard Module Name (e.g. 2022-23 (Advent) Biology 101)
    Turnitin Assignment Name (e.g. Final Submission – Assessment 1)
    Student Name

    Submissions that have been marked will restore with their mark and feedback.
    The TEL Team will liaise with Turnitin Support to have the submission restored as soon as possible.

    Turnitin – Assignment Deleted

    If a whole Turnitin Assignment is deleted (including all of the submissions to it), this can be trickier so our recommendation is not to delete Assignments unless there is a need. If this does happen, the TEL Team are able to request a restoration from Turnitin’s own support team by way of ‘moving’ the papers.

    Assignments cannot be re-added as they were, so to facilitate this the TEL Team will need to create a new Assignment into which the deleted papers will be moved to by Turnitin Support. Once created, the TEL Team will ask the requestor if a rubric had been used on the original Assignment and, if so, ask that the same one be attached to the newly created Assignment*; if the same rubric is not attached and was used for marking previously, rubric scores will be lost when the papers are moved.

    Please include the following in an email to the IT Service Desk:
    Blackboard Module Name (e.g. 2022-23 (Advent) Biology 101)
    Turnitin Assignment Name (e.g. Final Submission – Assessment 1)

    * Note: the TEL Team do not have access to rubrics as they belong to individuals. It is the responsibility of the requestor to attach the rubric to the new Assignment or co-ordinate the rubric owner doing so. If the wrong rubric, or no rubric, is attached and approved to go ahead with the move, neither the TEL Team nor Turnitin Support will be able to retrieve the previous rubric scores on the papers.

    Assignments in Blackboard Ultra

    Blackboard Assignments are different from Turnitin assignments as they do not go through the originality checking process and have separate submission and feedback tools.

    About Blackboard Ultra Assignments

    Feedback, Marks and Rubrics in Blackboard Ultra

    Downloading and Archiving Submissions

    About Blackboard Ultra Assignments

    Blackboard Assignments can accept multiple file submissions and accepts larger file sizes than Turnitin. Blackboard Assignments will accept any type of file, including media files. For further advantages and / or disadvantages between the two please speak with your Digital Academic Developer.

    When you create a Blackboard Assignment, students can make a submission by typing into a text box or uploading a file or files.

    When creating an Assignment, a Gradebook column will be created automatically. You can view and mark a Blackboard Assignment by entering marks and feedback via the Blackboard Gradebook.