Feedback, Marks and Rubrics

Before adding any feedback or marks to a submission please ensure you check that the Grade Centre column for this assignment is hidden from students and does not auto-aggregate to the Total column which could potentially cause early visibility of grades to students.

Blackboard Assignments

Downloading Feedback and Mark history

Blackboard Assignments

Once the students’ submissions have been downloaded, the feedback and grades will also need downloading and archiving.

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Centre
  • Select Full Grade Centre
  • Select the drop-down arrow next to Reports
  • Select View Mark History
screen image showing the drop down menu from the reports option to view mark history

The Mark History window will open displaying the Assignment name(s), user names, the grades or if an attempt was cleared and the feedback in the comments column:

screen image showing a Blackboard Grade Centre report Mark History window

Note: This will not show any extra files the tutor may have uploaded as an attachment providing additional feedback to a student. It is the responsibility of the tutor to download and save any such documents they may have attached to a student’s feedback.

From the Mark History window select Download

From the Options window that displays, for ease select:

screen image showing the options available to download the mark history for a Blackboard Assignment
  • Delimited Type = Comma
  • Include comments = Yes
  • Select Submit

The following window will appear:

Select Download and then select OK to return to the Mark History window.

Once the file is downloaded it can be opened as an Excel spreadsheet. Check that all entries have downloaded correctly and then save this to the required location.

How to Download Submissions

Blackboard Assignments

From within the Blackboard course site ensure EDIT mode is on:

  • From the Control Panel
  • Select Grade Centre
  • Select Full Grade Centre
  • Select the drop-down arrow next to the Assignment Title
  • Select Assignment File Download
screen image showing the drop-down menu to select file download option in grade centre for a Blackboard Assignment

The Download Assignment window will open:

screen image showing the download assignment window in Blackboard Assignments
  • Select the students whose assignments you want to download (you can select all students by checking the box next to Name).
  • Select if you want to download only each students’ Last attempt or All attempts
  • Click Submit.

All of the files submitted for that assignment will be packaged in a .zip file and the following message will appear:

screen image of the zip package message appearing when blackboard assignments download option has been selected
  • Right-click on the Download assignments nowlink
  • Select Save link as…
screen image showing the save as option from the drop down menu when right clicking on the download assignments hyperlink

Save the file to the required location.

Open the downloaded .zip file to ensure the contents contain all the submitted scripts.

Why you should Download and Archive Submissions

Blackboard Assignments

If a Blackboard Assignment is deleted you will no longer be able to see either students’ work submitted, any e-feedback you’ve written or grades entered. It is therefore important to undertake the manual archiving of student work to comply with the University Document Retention schedule.

You may also want to download work or other information because:

  • work is only submitted electronically and you are required to retain copies for audit
  • you want to show a selection of work and/or feedback to external examiners

Please ensure that you

  • advise students before you delete a Blackboard Assignment, or recycle the list of users in your Blackboard site, and advise them to download their full scripts and/or e-feedback.
  • are aware of the programme’s procedure and location for archiving.

Contact your Digital Academic Developer for further guidance on how to share work with external examiners.

How Students access their Mark and Feedback

Blackboard Assignment

There are a number of ways students can access their marks and feedback, but the easiest way is for them to return to where they submitted their work.

Navigating to the content area that contains the Blackboard Assignment and clicking on the Assignment name will open the Review Submission History window:

screen image showing the review submission history window in a Blackboard Assignment displaying feedback given by the tutor

The Mark and any Feedback, including the rubric will be displayed to the student in the right side panel.

Releasing Feedback and Marks

Blackboard Assignment

Once all the Assignments have been marked and you are ready to release all the marks and feedback to your learners, return to the Grade Centre of that Blackboard module.

Select the drop-down arrow next to the Assignment Title and select Hide from Students (on/off) to make this available to students.

screen image of the drop-down menu to select hide from students on or off

The column hidden icon in Blackboard grade centre will be removed and will indicate that the feedback and marks can now be viewed by students.

Grading with a Rubric

Blackboard Assignment

If a rubric has been attached to the assignment, click on the rubric name to expand.

Click on the desired criterion for each section. The range of points available for that criteria can then be selected from a drop-down selection within the defined points range.

Points will be automatically totalled as the Raw Total, however you can still amend/overwrite using Change the number of points out of xx.x to:

The rubric can also be opened in its own window to give more space to mark and view. Click on the expand rubric icon.

Feedback on the rubric scores can be left at the bottom. Remember to click Save Rubric once you have completed marking using the rubric to ensure that your interactions are not lost.

Entering a Mark

Blackboard Assignments

Within the Mark Assignment window, ensure you select the correct Attempt (if multiple attempts have been permitted) from the drop-down list.

screen image showing the drop down menu for the number of attempts submitted to a blackboard assignment

Then enter the Mark /100. Click on Submit to mark the current assignment and move to the next student submission.

Selecting Save Draft after entering a Mark prevents the score from appearing in the Grade Centre or the students My Grades area, but the score is not saved.

Entering Feedback

Blackboard Assignment

Within the Mark Assignment window select the small arrow head within the Attempt section to expand the window:

screen image showing the small drop down arrow in the Mark Assignment panel

Enter Feedback in the Feedback to Learner section.

screen image of the feedback area in Blackboard Assignments with the Add Notes highlighted.

Select Add Notes to expand the Marking Notes – these are Private and only visible to the tutor or other Instructors of the course board.

screen image of the private marking notes area in a Blackboard Assignment which is only visible to the tutor or other instructors

Click Save Draft to return an assignment attempt without a grade and with comments only.

The assignment remains ungraded and an exclamation mark remains in the My Grades and in the Grade Centre.

Students can access the comments through their Assignment Submission point and can resubmit by accessing the assignment, if resubmissions have been made possible.