Blogs, Journals & Wikis

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What are Blogs and Journals?

Blackboard Blogs and Journals allow students to post their work and encourages individual reflection.  Blogs allow students to post their work and make comments on each other’s work.  Journals are intended for individuals and are particularly suitable for reflection. Both Blog and Journal entries are displayed chronologically and depending on how they are set up, it may be possible for students to comment on each other’s work.  

What are Wikis?

Wikis allow groups of students to work together to create web pages. They are ideal for encouraging collaborative working. Each wiki can contain multiple pages of content.

Blogs, Journal and Wiki entries can include text, images, links, attached files and multimedia content. Blackboard allows you to create Blogs, Journals and Wikis for the whole course site and/or for individual groups of students.

Differences between a Blog and a Wiki

A wiki is a collection of web pages that can be worked on collaboratively. You can create links between the wiki pages to organise them as you choose.  A blog is like an online diary, with the entries listed chronologically. You can either see a list of all entries, or filter to see entries for one author at a time.