Blackboard Original Users and Groups

Blackboard offers a variety of ‘roles’ a user can be enrolled as, however at CCCU there are only two that are used, either Instructor or Student.

An Instructor has full rights over the Blackboard site meaning that they can add, move, copy and change items on the module board. A student role can only navigate, view content, possibly download content, and upload their assignments to either Turnitin or a Blackboard Assignment.

Users, are ‘bulk’ enrolled on to a Blackboard module board at the beginning of a semester. However, it is possible to enrol an individual or a few individuals should they have joined that module late or were missed off the main bulk enrol list.

When a student interrupts or leaves we urge you not to un-enrol them from a Blackboard module but instead make them ‘unavailable’. Instructors can make any user ‘unavailable’ to prevent them from accessing the course whilst maintaining submissions, user data, and contributions that they may have made.