Here are a few top tips for ensuring that your browser/computer can access your audio and video devices for use in Blackboard Collaborate.

Ensuring Access in Google Chrome

The recommended browser for Blackboard Collaborate is Google Chrome, which requires permission to access your camera and microphone. If you are having issues with your audio/video in Chrome it could be that Chrome cannot ‘see’ your devices (e.g. microphone, headset, webcam) even though they are plugged in. If this is the case you may receive a message stating the following: It looks like we don’t have permission to access your microphone and camera. Check to see if your browser is asking for permission”.

Select the video icon in the URL (address) bar at the top of the Collaborate browser window to check that Chrome is ‘allowing to access your camera and microphone’. If not, ensure that this option is selected by clicking on the radio button to its left.

screen image highlighting the video icon in the address bar of the Collaborate browser window and the drop-down menu that appears to select relevant permissions.

From this menu you can also check/change which microphone and camera you are using by selecting from the drop-down options. Click on Done to confirm and return to Collaborate.

Checking your devices are installed (Windows)

Sometimes computers have multiple available inputs and outputs for audio/video. To check that you desired microphone/webcam is being used by your computer:

image of sound icon at the bottom right hand corner of a windows PC screen

Right click on the Sounds icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Select Sounds from the pop-up menu. Select the Playback tab for output devices (e.g. speakers, headsets) and Recording tab for input devices (e.g. microphones).

Screen image showing the playback tab in the sounds set up window

In your list of devices ensure that the one that you want to use is recognised as the Default Device and has a green tick next to it. If not, right-click the device name and choose Set as Default Device. Click Apply and then OK to finish.

Seminar Podium Set-Up

CCCU Seminar rooms all have a similar podium set-up.
Once logged in to the Podium PC

  • Navigate to the Blackboard site where the Collaborate session has been created
  • Select to ‘Join Session’
  • If prompted, allow Collaborate to use your microphone by selecting ‘Allow’
Screen image showing the pop up window requesting permission to use microphone
  • Select the CODEC audio input option from the drop-down menu:
Screen image of the drop-down menu offered in Collaborate on initial set up for audio test.
  • Check the purple sound bar is picking up audio
  • Click on Yes, Audio is working
  • Follow the same steps to enable your camera
  • Select the correct camera input from the drop-down menu, usually webcam
  • Once in the Collaborate room, both the microphone and camera will need to be switched ON before you can be seen or heard
Screen image showing the My Status, Microphone, Camera and Raise Hand icons available within a Collaborate session.