ATLAS Providing Extensions

PebblePad assessment works in a different way to Turnitin.  Rather than completing a piece of work and submitting it as a static document, PebblePad provides the opportunity to make a live link between the students work on PebblePad and what is visible to their tutors in ATLAS (the assessment space).  At the deadline, the link is broken, and a snapshot is taken of the work in PebblePad.  It is this snapshot that is marked by the assessor.  It is possible to provide individual extensions to take account of an individual student’s circumstances or you can provide an extension for all students.

Note: If the workbook has been set to submit automatically then any student that plans to submit late (and thus incur any penalties) will need to inform their tutor so an individual extension can be provided.  The student can also inform you retrospectively when they completed the assessment late and an individual extension provided.  If the student does not inform you of a late submission, then you will be viewing incomplete student work as any content added after the deadline will not be visible.

Staff are encouraged to contact their Digital Academic Developer or attend the lunchtime learning surgeries (1-2pm every weekday) to discuss the provision of extensions in ATLAS further.