Assignment Set Up

When setting up a Turnitin Assignment, it is important to ascertain what type of assessment has been set for the module for you to then be able to select the correct set-up. Please read Before you set-up a Turnitin Assignment for guidance.

Check your module Blackboard to see if you need to set up a new Turnitin Assignment or if the module board already has the Assessment folders and Turnitin Assignments set up, in which case you will only need to ‘Edit’ certain settings. Please read Editing existing Turnitin Assignments for guidance.

In addition, although Turnitin can accept a variety of file formats, submissions must meet a set of requirements for Turnitin to be able to return a Similarity report.

Depending on the ‘type’ of assignment, select the appropriate set-up from the options below:

Standard Set-Up
Set-Up WITHOUT generating a Similarity Report
Non Standard Set-Up
Anonymous Marking Additional Steps
Formative Feedback Set-Up
Take Home Exams

Information regarding Take Home Exams.