Archiving Submissions with e-Feedback

To download and archive the e-feedback (including grades, overall feedback, on-script comments, rubric scores) for ALL papers in a Turnitin Assignment (submission point), access the Turnitin Assignment point by clicking on Course Tools (in the Control Panel) > Turnitin Assignments. Click on the name of the relevant Turnitin Assignment to open the Assignment Inbox.

Choosing Papers (with e-Feedback) to Download

The 'All Papers' option at the top of the Assignment Inbox.

Ensure that you can see all the student submissions by clicking the drop-down box next to Now Viewing: and selecting All Papers.

Select the box at the top of the page to the left of Author. This allows you to select all papers in one operation (alternatively, select the boxes to the left of each of the students that you are choosing to download):

The top of the Assignment Inbox, with the tick box hightlighted at the top left, which will select all papers in the inbox at once.
The box to the top left of the Assignment Inbox (to the left of the ‘Author’ column heading) can be used to select all papers at once.

A yellow Notifications banner will be displayed:

Once papers have been selected, a yellow notifications banner will appear with the option to 'Download' papers to the right.

Select Download and then Online Grading Paper.

A browser prompt warning the user: "This action will compress the selected files and download them to your computer. Do you want to continue?" and the options 'OK' and 'Cancel'

A small window will appear advising you that this action will compress the selected files, select OK

Messages Tab and Retrieving your Downloads

A yellow Notifications banner will be displayed informing your that the file(s) will be packaged into a ZIP file and made available in the Messages tab once ready (please note, this can take a little while to generate depending on the number of files to be downloaded)

A yellow banner that appears when the command to package papers together, reading "Your files are being compressed. When compression is complete a zip file will be available for download in your Turnitin Messages tab"
Once the papers and Original File have been chosen, a new yellow banner will appear informing that the files are being compressed and prepared and will be available in the Messages tab once ready.

The Messages tab can be accessed either by clicking on the link in the yellow banner or by selecting Messages in the tabs menu:

The 'Messages' tab, available at the top right of the Assignment Inbox, next to the language picker ('English')
The link to the ‘Messages’ tab shows above the Assignment Inbox in a row of options also for language (default is ‘English’), ‘Roadmap’ and ‘Help’

Once the files have been compressed and packaged into a ZIP file they will be available to download (Note: the messages tab will say Messages (1 New) to highlight this – you may need to refresh the page to update):

The 'Messages' area with a download available for the chosen Course/Class.
The ‘Messages’ area with an available download shown

Click on the message name to access a link to start the download:

Information about the download available. Clicking the link at the bottom of the information will trigger the download.
Information about the download available. Clicking the link at the bottom of the information will trigger the download.

Check your Downloaded Submissions

Note: please ensure you check a few of the files once downloaded to ensure that the operation has completed successfully.

Note: Where downloading feedback, there is no need to separately download submitted work as this is included.