Annual ReCap Housekeeping

The ReCap housekeeping process covers the annual removal of relevant Staff content in ReCap and deletion of ReCap accounts for Staff and Students who have left, with a provision for retaining any ReCap media Students have submitted for assessment (more…).

See Technical Instructions for

  • searching for content flagged for removal
  • unflagging content from being removed and (optionally) flagging content to be ignored in future years’ housekeeping
  • locating and restoring removed content
  • recreating alternative quality versions of content

See the FAQ for more information about the

  • process and stakeholder input to its development
  • future development of DLC policy
  • transfer of content from staff who have left
  • managing content which has reached the hard limit

CCCU Staff: contact your Digital Academic Developer for further advice and support.
KMMS Staff: please note process and timescales may vary.  Contact the Digital Education team for advice.