Adding Feedback and Marks to Turnitin submissions

A number of feedback options are available in Turnitin depending on the needs of the assessment. Below are a list of links to the different types of feedback and how to add them to a paper that you have opened for marking.

Access the relevant Turnitin Assignment and open the submission you wish to add feedback and mark: Accessing submissions to add feedback

Instructor Tour of Feedback Studio

Commenting Tools

Turnitin supports the following types of feedback. More about each one and technical instruction can be found on Turnitin’s own Commenting Tools page for Instructors:

* Note: voice comments are limited to 3 minutes and cannot be downloaded/archived. Please speak to your School’s Digital Academic Developer before planning to use this feature.

Rubrics and Grading Forms

Turnitin also supports Rubrics (scorecards) for all types of assessment, as well as Grading Forms for types where students might not be making an actual submission per se (e.g. to assess a form of performance). See the Rubrics and Grading Forms page and associated sections for more information.