Accessing Submissions to add Feedback in Turnitin on Blackboard Ultra (or for new Turnitin Assignments built on an Original Blackboard)

Within your module Ultra Blackboard, click on the title of the Turnitin Assignment you wish to view submissions for.

If a new Turnitin Assignment was set-up in an Original Blackboard (post September 2022), navigate to the Assessments folder and location where the Assignment was built (e.g. the route student’s use to submit), then simply click on the ‘Title’ of the Assignment which will take you directly to that Assignment Inbox.

With the Assignment Inbox displayed either select the Title of the submission you wish to view or select the Pencil icon under the Grade column:

Screen image of a Turnitin Assignment Inbox showing a list of those that have submitted

The submitted script will open in a separate window: Turnitin’s Feedback Studio for you to view, add feedback and mark.

If you are unable to open the submission to add feedback please see: Student submission cannot be opened for feedback.