About ReCap Housekeeping

The ReCap housekeeping process covers the annual removal of relevant Staff content in ReCap and deletion of ReCap accounts for Staff and Students who have left, with a provision for retaining any ReCap media Students have submitted for assessment.  It has been designed in accordance with the respective digital learning capture (DLC) policies and assessment retention requirements for Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) and Kent & Medway Medical School (KMMS).

Staff content specifically requires an annual removal process to:

  1. meet the requirement of the DLC policies to remove recordings of live teaching sessions after a specified retention period (CCCU: end of academic year after academic year created in; KMMS: when cohort the recording was made for have completed), and
  2. ensure other content no longer needed is removed to manage storage costs.

Removal of Staff content is managed through an ‘opt-out’ model which involves all content older than the specified retention periods for live teaching session recordings being flagged for removal, with the option for Staff to unflag content which they need to keep (so long as in accordance with the DLC policies).  Any content older than a ‘hard limit’ of 10 years will be removed regardless, unless there are exceptional circumstances, and alternative quality versions automatically made by ReCap will be deleted for content not viewed for 3 years.

No Student content will be removed until their ReCap accounts are deleted after they have completed their studies, at which point any media they have submitted for assessment will be centrally archived.