Paprika is a ground dried spice made from capsicum. Typically it is produced from the milder sweeter chilli peppers which can be dried or dried and smoked to intensify flavour. It is often used in a range of cuisines such as in curries in Asia, marinades in South America, it is a key ingredient in Paella and Chorizo in Spain and it is often used across the Mediterranean to enhance flavours.

nutritional properties:

  • Contains antioxidants – these protect the cells from oxidation from free radicals which are believed to cause cancer. Free radicals can be anything from pollution to radiation and therefore antioxidants are an important nutrient
  • Contains carotenoids- this creates the orange pigment in many vegetables in fruits and is essential for the body. There are many types of Carotenoids such as Xanthophylls which protects the body from too much sunlight as well as Lutein and Zeaxanthin  which protect eye sight. Carotenoids are a soluble fatty protein that is converted to provitamin A in the digestive system.
  • Contains Vitamin A, this protects eyesight and the immune system.
  • Vitamin E, this vitamin is great for skin elasticity
  • Iron, this is crucial for haemoglobin production and the efficiency

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