Mindfulness can mean many different things to different people. It is a unique and personal belief and feeling associated with being calm, relaxed and content but also it can be freeing and mean that you are in touch with your body, soul and surroundings.

  1. Nature has always been an established element for reaching a state of mindfulness. It has long been agreed that a walk outside in the fresh air will help clear your mind. Sometimes walking without a set path can in fact make a life path reveal itself. Schedule walks into your diary and explore the nature and what it offers around you. It can be very grounding and rewarding in more ways than one.
  2. Crystals are commonly used to cleanse the body and soul. They have many healing and protecting properties and can make you feel relaxed. Look for crystals such as clear quartz and black tourmaline to feel cleansed and safe.
  3. Meditation can take many forms but perhaps the simplest is to focus on breathing in and out. Breathe in for 5, hold for 3 and out for 5 to feel centred.
  4. Exercising is a great way to release happy endorphins around the body and to get the heart pumping. Why not give couch to 5K a go and achieve something with your exercise journey. You will be fitter, healthier and happier if you complete the weekly goals.
  5. Gardening can be a fantastic way to experience mindfulness. By gardening you are ticking many mindful boxes. You are emerging yourself in nature, setting goals, nurturing and enjoying the fruits of your labour. It doesn’t have to be an entire landscaped garden but can simply be a windowsill plant you devote some time and love to in order to reap the benefits nature provides us with emotionally.
  6. Decluttering is a key way to clear your mind and focus. Again it doesn’t have to be an intense thing. No one can live like Marie Kondo as that can quickly become unhealthy. Instead perhaps you could sort through some old papers (and recycle them) or donate some clothes to charity. Starting small and using simple steps to declutter will not only make your space seem clearer and bigger but your mind too.