#livingwell How to take care of your hands.


#livingwell How to take care of your hands.

Our hands tell our story. They show our past and can predict our future but we rarely remember to take care of them.

Now more than ever, we are aware of how clean or dirty our hands are. The corona outbreak has meant we are using more harsh sanitisers and soaps more frequently, resulting in dry and sore skin and in some cases contact dermatitis. It is therefore important to adopt a regular moisturising routine.

When choosing a cream please consider more sustainable options. Look for natural ingredients such as aloe vera or oil rather than harsh parabens (these are bad to both human and environment long term). You should also consider the packaging -is it recyclable or refillable? is it cruelty free?

Here are some hand cream suggestions which I have found effective during the lockdown, as well as being positive on the environment:

Childs farm unfragranced moisturiser 3/5 (50ml@£2.00/ 250ml@£4.50)

  • The moisturiser itself is very effective and is very cost effective. It is approved for use on those with sensitive skin and eczema. Although it is registered with vegan society and is certified cruelty free, I have marked it down as it is not completely natural and not fully recyclable due to the pump.

Lanolips hand cream intense (Various scents) 4/5 (50ml @£8.99)

  • I really like this cream. It is 98.59% natural and it is a popular cult beauty product circulating social media. It uses traditional lanolin (the grease secreted on sheep’s wool) to create a hydrating barrier on your hands. As it is a byproduct of the wool industry that would otherwise be discarded, it is sustainable. I also admire the brand’s strong values and stance on sustainability in all aspects from ingredients to packaging and also for being against animal cruelty and testing. My only issue is that it is from Australia and so there is the fact that it is shipped over to the UK making it loose 1 mark.

Bodyshop hemp hand protector 2/5 (30ml @£5.00)

  • Like the other hand creams, this hand protector has been dermatoligically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is a popular cult beauty product on social media and has been Bodyshop’s best selling product for many years. It is 100% vegetarian and is enriched with Community Trade hemp seed oil from France. However there are a few questionable ingredients such as Phenoxyethanol which in some people can cause severe reactions and it is not recommended for those under 3 years old in the US. It also contains a naturally formed paraben called  C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate which although is naturally derived is often debated on safety. If you don’t have sensitive skin the quantities are so small it is not significant to worry about but it is worth knowing. However I do admire the Bodyshop for their values and ethos on animal cruelty and testing and their community trade initiatives.

Tropic Skincare Superfood Hand therapy cream 5/5 (80ml @ £12.00)

  • Tropic skincare has been a recent discovery of mine. It is UK made and uses completely natural ingredients. They have a strong stance on sustainability and animal welfare and will not use any ingredients that are derivatives that cause animals and their habits any distress. They are also ambassadors for Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA. The hand cream in particular is currently sold out on their website and has many 5 star reviews online, particularly related to corona washing dry hands treatment.What I love about the website is that it provides two ingredients lists, one being in ‘English’ where it states the generic names such as papaya seed or oat extract and the other is the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients list for you to see out of curiosity or if you have an allergy.

Sukin signature hand and nail cream tube 5/5 125ml @ £7.95

  • Sukin is a fantastic brand for allergy sufferers and those with a key interest in sustainability. They are completely carbon neutral, recyclable, cruelty free, vegan and natural. They are so fine tuned and strong in their beliefs that they even have a no list for what they stand for. That is no sulphates, no mineral oils, no parabens, no petroleum, no animal derivatives, no artificial colours, no harsh detergents, no propylene glycol, no mea/dea/tea, no phthalates, no triclocan, no silicones, no edta in their products. They are also non gmo. The cream itself is very effective and by shopping with Sukin you are supporting their reef aid project.

Neals yard hand cream (various scents) 4/5 50 ml @ £10

  • Neals yard has been established as an organic and environment conscious brand in the UK since 1981 and were the UK’s first certified organic health and beauty brand who also helped work towards the banning of plastic microbeads in the UK. Their hand cream range is made with 92% organic ingredients and uses essential oils which help you to relax. It is also paraben and silicone free and made in the UK. The cream has many many positive reviews on social media for treating dry hands.

2 thoughts on “#livingwell How to take care of your hands

  1. Thanks for those great suggestions. It can be so hard to know what options are the most sustainable from the myriad on offer. Personally, I’ve been using the Body Shop hemp hand protector you mentioned for years and find it absolutely superb. It has got me through all these weeks of endless hand washing. I have a number of tubes on the go around the house and one that goes everywhere with me! I adore the powerful smell, but maybe not everyone would.

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