How can I get involved? | Open Day.


How can I get involved? | Open Day.

Are you coming to our university today to have a look round? You might have seen some of what we do when you walk round the university – but how can you get involved with sustainability here?

The amazing thing about sustainability is that it fits in with pretty much every degree course imaginable. Getting involved with sustainability here can give you so many opportunities to make new friends, develop your CV and ultimately learn new things aside from your degree!

Join the Eco Students Society

We have a society where you can get involved in practical action, make new friends and above all help to tackle climate change and environmental issues. Throughout the year the society gets involved in all kinds of stuff from bake sales for charity to composting and litter-picking. The Eco Students also get involved in wider projects throughout the year – also those which are run by the Student Green Office. If you’d like more information on this society then check them out at Freshers Fayre or here.

Come to a Student Green Office Event

Keep an eye on the CCCU Sustainability Facebook group for all the latest on events that we hold. The Student Green Office are a group of students who work with the university’s sustainability department to put on a load of fun sustainability events and campaigns throughout the year.  We’ve got all kinds of great things planned for next year. All of our events are free and they’re a great way to meet new people in a completely relaxed atmosphere. If you have any questions then feel free to send them over on our Facebook page!

Got a project idea?

If you’ve got something you’d like to see at our university that we don’t already do then get in touch! Whether that’s something you’d like to help run or implement or just something you’d like to see in the future we’ll try and make it happen! We’re all about making our projects student led and we want each year to be bigger and better than the last so get in touch!

We hope to see you at our university soon!




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