Vitamin A is an essential nutrients to be including in your diet. It is also known as retional which is a well-known compound in the beauty industry and has become a growing trend in skincare products. Nutritionally, it supports the immune system and is a very good with protecting eye sight. It also keeps skin and the lining of some parts of the body, such as the nose, healthy.

The most common example of Vitamin A is carrots. The old wives tale is that “carrots help you see in the dark” and according to the NHS website, that is very much true. Vitamin A is so good at helping our eyes, it is in fact being used to prevent cataracts in children in Africa where there is a very high rate of Vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A is found in foods such as Sweet Potato, squash and carrots as well as green leafy vegetables such as Spinach. It is also found in some animal products such as eggs and fortified milk.

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