#actingtogether SDG13 Climate Action – Climate Action from Home.


#actingtogether SDG13 Climate Action – Climate Action from Home.

The 13th Sustainable development goal is regarding Climate action, ranging from reducing an individuals carbon footprint to changing a country’s electric supply to renewable sources. Let’s zoom in on easy climate actions you can do from home!

Reduce meat consumption

If you cut your meat intake by half then you can cut your carbon emissions from your diet by 40%. It may seem strange but ‘If cattle were their own nation, they would be the world’s third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, after China and the US.’

Switch it to LEDS and Switch it off

By switching to LED bulbs you can help to reduce air pollution caused by energy usage as ‘An LED bulb uses 70-90% less energy than a standard bulb, limiting the need to burn that much more coal.’ This makes switching to LED bulbs an easy way to make a big difference in your climate impact. Another way to reduce our climate impact from lights is to switch them off. If you leave a room, ensure that you turn your light off but also if it is sunny enough, open your curtains and use the natural light instead of your lights.

Do Full Loads

When doing laundry, load your machine to its maximum capacity, so that you can do fewer rounds of washing. This means using less energy for the same amount of washing. Consider using a detergent that caters to both whites and colours to help you do this.  When drying, consider using a clothes horse (see below) instead of a tumble dryer when possible. This uses no electricity and relies on good old fashioned evaporation to dry them.

Don’t just ‘Stand-by’, Turn it off

When not using them, ensure to turn electronics such as TVs, computers and gaming consoles off entirely instead of leaving them on standby. This stops them from using any power and reduces your latent energy consumption.

Take the Xbox One, for example. If you have the console in its internet-connected ‘Instant on’ standby mode then it uses a hefty 11.1 watts (based on our test lab data). However, switch to the energy-saving standby mode and power use drops to just 0.3 watts.


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