With the country currently on lockdown, the word ‘bored’ doesn’t even begin to cover how most people feel about this situation. Here are 50 things that you can do whilst on lockdown. You can do 5 or 10 of them, or all 50, but there are lots of ideas here that will hopefully keep you entertained during this uncertain time.

  1. Unpack all of your uni stuff. This seems like an obvious one, but I definitely haven’t actually put away everything I brought home with me and I only half moved out!
  2. Keep up with your online classes. Keeping up seems obvious, but when there seems to be so much time in the day, we often fill it with nothing in particular. Most lecturers are working hard to still produce content and engage people, so why not honour their hard work but engaging back?
  3. Play with a pet. Easier said than done without a pet, I guess the pet-less will just have to cope with cute animal videos!
  4. Try a new tea. We Brits have the amazing knack for thinking that we can put the world to rights by putting the kettle on. Why not try a different tea instead of your usual English Breakfast? English Breakfast has a surprising amount of caffeine in it, so why not try an alternative with less caffeine, that you could drink in the evening.
  5. Have a Dance Party. This one doubles as a great way to exercise and to release pent-up energy. Put on your favourite album or playlist and dance your little heart out – trust me, you’ll feel better afterwards.
  6. Clear out your clothes. Most people I know have way more clothes than they wear and could definitely benefit from doing this one. One way to do that is to ask yourself if you wore something in the last X number of months (I normally say 6). You can then donate the things you no longer wear to charity and give them a chance to be loved by someone else.
  7. Do the washing. A lot of the uni students that I know are currently adjusting to living back at home, which can be a challenge in itself. So, why not offer to do the washing for your family a one or two times a week. It’s a little way to help pulling your weight, and you’re already used to doing it because you have to at uni!
  8. Do an IQ test. I love these, and I think the results are fascinating – why not see what your IQ is?
  9. Redecorate/rearrange your bedroom. Even simply moving your bed around can make your room feel like somewhere different, so why not try it whilst we’re stuck inside for the foreseeable future?
  10. Stay connected with people. This can be FaceTiming or Zoom calling a friend or relative, or picking up the phone to them and just checking in. This is so important when our social interaction is limited to those that we live with, staying connected to the world is a privilege and one that might just help keep you sane.
  11. Paint your nails. I never do this because I always seem to pick the worst time to do it when I have something else to do or somewhere to be. Self-isolating solves that problem, so why not give yourself a manicure during the uncertain times.
  12. Watch a movie. I love films and there are so many amazing ones out there. We are lucky to live in a generation where we have access to 1000’s of films on streaming services, so why not create a list of films that you challenge yourself to watch during this pandemic. You could challenge yourself to only watch films that won at least one Academy Award, or only watch films from a certain decade – the possibilities are endless.
  13. Start a new TV show. Another perk of streaming services is access to TV shows old and new, so why not pick a new one to work your way through during lockdown!
  14. Watch some YouTube. YouTube is an amazing, free facility which allows us access to some incredible content to keep us entertained. Why not watch a Ted Talk on a topic that interests you, or one you want to learn more about?
  15. Exercise. This is so important to consider whilst we’re living life in isolation. There are so many ways to get active from your own home. CCCU Sport is doing Facebook live fitness classes at 12:30 on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and there are lots of home workout videos available on platforms like YouTube.
  16. Take a bath. Now, more than ever, is a great time to implement self-care into your routine and that can look like many different things. You can do a facemark a few times a week, you can do daily breathing exercises or you can have a bath. This relaxes your muscles and gives you some much needed alone time.
  17. Learn all the keyboard shortcuts. There are so many and they are so useful, so why not take some time to learn them?
  18. Meditation. I love to meditate, though everyday life doesn’t seem to allow me much room for it. Why not start or end your day with some meditation? It doesn’t have to be long, just some time to reflect on your life and your day. I would also include a thankfulness exercise, to remember how lucky we are despite everything that is going on.
  19. Write a poem or another form of writing. Some people find that this can be very therapeutic at this confusing time because sometimes writing things down helps you to work through them.
  20. Make a Pinterest board. I think Pinterest is an amazing resource that is a great breeding-ground for creativity. If this list isn’t comprehensive enough for you, why not garner more inspiration on things to do from there.
  21. READ A BOOK. This is such a big one for me, because I am an avid reader and I am sad that not many people get the same joy from reading as I do. Why not pick a book to you have wanted to read for a while and set yourself up to read a chapter a night. Even just doing that helps your brain to wind down and gives your brain time to switch off after all the screen time of the day.
  22. Listen to a podcast. There are so many out there, you’re bound to find some that you like. You can get a comedy podcast to lighten the mood, you can try a lifestyle podcast or even ones that delve deeper into areas of interest for you. They’re great, so I would highly recommend them.
  23. Get creative with games. Some people could see this as going hand-in-hand with exercise, but I see it more as an opportunity to be creative. Why not try inventing a variation on a current game that you love, or even coming up with something entirely new. It may be something that you continue to play after quarantine and that you go on to teach your housemates!
  24. Organise your apps. In a world full of smartphones, app organising is something that too few people par-take in. Why not start now? You can organise your apps by colour or by use, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your brain gets used to the apps new location.
  25. Drink water. Water is an amazing with you refresh yourself and helps to wash the toxins in your system out. Most of us don’t enough during the day, so why not develop drinking water as a habit whilst we’re on lockdown?
  26. Do the dishes. Moving home can mean falling back into habits of the past where we let our parents take care of us. Why not offer to clear up after a few meals of the week, so the chef has a chance to sit down and relax earlier than normal.
  27. Learn an instrument. This one may be more challenging as you can’t go out and buy an instrument, but why not see what the internet can offer in this regard.
  28. Learn how to juggle. It’s probably one you have heard before, but I think it’s a great skill that teaches you hand-eye co-ordination and a good party trick.
  29. Google yourself. I remember doing this when I was younger and finding a picture that was posted on my primary school’s website and we all had a great laugh reminiscing about it. If you want to go further, why not type some of your friends’ names into the search engine and send them pictures of the results.
  30. Look up your ancestry. Learning more about where your lineage lies is something that we are so privileged to be able to do. Why not create a family tree and make that a talking point or a topic of conversation to call your elderly relatives about.
  31. Empty your computer’s recycling bin. Sometimes, when we hit delete on something, we don’t think much of it. It actually goes somewhere, so take some time to clear that out and make some space on your hard drive.
  32. Make a paper airplane. There are some fun things you can do with them, like see whose goes the furthest or which design is the best, you can even set up a game to see who can get their airplane closest to the target.
  33. Create a bucket list. This can be a list of things you want to achieve in life or films you want to watch, books you want to read, or a list of things that you want to achieve by the time lockdown is over. We will hopefully be doing a post about a Lockdown Bucket List soon, so keep an eye on our social media for it.
  34. Eat some fruit. I always snack more when I am at home longer, so why not choose a healthy snack rather than an unhealthy one?
  35. Write a letter to your future self. Writing down everything that is currently going on may turn out to be a lesson you can teach your future self. I used FutureMe to write this, and you can then choose when they send you your letter via email.
  36. Learn to count to 10 in different languages. There are lots of videos on this, so you could challenge your friends and see who can do it in the largest number of different languages.
  37. Learn a new language. You could even go further and learn basic phrases in different languages.
  38. Do some gardening. That could look like planting something or weeding your flowerbeds, but just being outside in your garden will help give you some Vitamin D and fresh air when you’re mostly confined to your house.
  39. Declutter your email. Unsubscribing to all the emails that you receive can be therapeutic and also help you priories the emails that need you to take action.
  40. Play a board game or cards. Those are both staples in my house, so how about you teach your family a new game or see if you can play your favourite game with them.
  41. Help with the cleaning. For a lot of university students, lockdown has seen them relocating home which increases the number of people and amount of traffic in our houses. Why not offer to do some hoovering a few times a week or clean a bathroom once a week, to help out around the house?
  42. Do some yoga. Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise and a great way to get back in touch with your body. There are videos that take you through routines, or you can see if your local yoga centre is posting routines or live-streaming classes.
  43. Stay educated on the situation. Keep up with the news, both the good and the bad as much as you can, but it’s ok if you need a break too.
  44. Do a crossword or Sudoku. Challenge your brain to think a little bit more and see if you can complete a book. Crosswords are also great for the whole family to get involved, there are normally odd questions that are the kind of rogue knowledge someone in your family has!
  45. Make a scrapbook. If you’re like me, you hoard everything that seems like a might be special at some point in the future, to the point where it is currently spread over a few different boxes. Why not do something productive with them like making a scrapbook? Some companies are still delivering and offer affordable scrapbooks to help fulfil this creative outlet.
  46. Cook a meal. Along with helping around the house, why not volunteer to cook once or twice a week, to help take the pressure off the usual chef. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but why not challenge yourself to make something with only what you have in your cupboard/fridge.
  47. Do some baking. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, not only is it normally fun to prepare all the ingredients (and lick the bowl once it’s in the oven) but it also makes your kitchen smell amazing and you have something sweet to eat once you’re done. It doesn’t have to be Bake Off standard, but why not give it a try?
  48. Do some DIY. Is there a door in your house that creeks every time it is opened? Or a drawer that sticks when you open it? Why not see if you can do some of those jobs that keep being pushed to the end of people’s to do lists.
  49. Have a goal/objective of the day. Instead of aimlessly trying to obtain productivity, have one or two things that you want to achieve each day, they can be as small as showering and putting on normal clothes. It could be bigger, but the important thing is that it is attainable for you.
  50. Plan your meals. This is key if you are needing to shop for yourself or if someone is shopping for you. Having an idea as to what you want to cook will help limit the number of times you need to go out to the shops and expose yourself.