A series of Links on Riddley Walker and Russell Hoban. Please let us know if any of them are dead.

Russell Hoban website 
Riddley WalkerLots of links there, too
Yellow Paper ForumSpace for discussion
Riddley Walker Concordance 
Tool for exploring the Language of Riddley Walker  Compiled by Peter Christian
Blacklisted FM 
Max Porter and Una McCormack discussing Riddley Walker in PodcastPodcasts hosted by John Mitchinson and Andy Miller
o what we ben! 
Project blogMike Bintley on Andreas and Sonia Overall on Riddley Walker
BBC Radio 3 Free ThinkingMatthew Sweet travels to Canterbury (via an odd route) to discuss Riddley Walker
BBC Radio 3 
Free ThinkingMatthew Sweet travels to Canterbury (via an odd route) to discuss Riddley Walker
BBC Radio 4 
A Good ReadChoices: Lucky Jim, Riddley Walker and Love Lessons with Simon Evans and Matt Harvey, presented by Sue MacGregor
A Good ReadThe Village Effect, Riddley Walker and Miss Lonelyhearts with Peter Lord and Russell Kane, presented by Harriett Gilbert
Last WordObituaries for Vaclav Havel, Kim Jong-il, Chris Athey, Cesaria Evora and Russell Hoban
Dr. Barbara J. Becker, Spinning the Web of Igenuity
Week One: Stretching the Limits…Dr Becker’s notes, lectures and supplementary materials for a University of California, Irvine course. Pages and pages of materials.
Ponying the Slovos 
Walking My Riddels: Riddley Walker and Anthony BurgessBenet Vincent
Tryd to put my mynd where he cud lissen me: Riddley Walker and language inventionBenet Vincent
The Guardian 
Riddley Walker Book Club with John Mullan 
Reconstructed languageWeek One
CatastropheWeek Two
Russell Hoban on how being friends with his head powered the writing of Riddley WalkerWeek Three
Readers’ responsesWeek Four
Reading Group with Sam Jordison 
Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban is November’s choice 
Worth the ‘trubba’: making sense of Riddley Walker’s language 
Finding your way around Riddley Walker’s world 
Riddley Walker’s post-apocalyptic Mr Punch 
Andrew Brown: 
Beyond the lolcats 
Religion without words 
John Clute 
Obituary of Russell Hobany 
Russell Hoban 
Writers’ roomsHoban discusses his writing space
David Mitchell 
The book of revelationsOn Russell Hoban’s 80th birthday David Mitchell paid tribute to Riddley Walker
Will Self 
My hero: Russell HobanThe novelist reveals his literary hero
Nicholas Wroe 
Secrets of the yellow pagesProfile of the author, aged 77
The Head of Orpheus 
A Russell Hoban Reference PageLots of stuff on and links about Hoban
Riddley Walker (1980)Lots of stuff on and links about Riddley Walker
The Independent 
Mike Jackson 
Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban, book of a lifetime: Mind-blowing audacity 
The New York Times 
Rowan Williams 
A Lesson for (and From) a Dystopian World 
Sonia Overall 
R is for Riddley Walker 
Matthew Keeley 
A Walk Around Inland: Russell Hoban’s Riddley Walker 
Russell Hoban Speeches 
San Diego State University, October 17, 1990Part 1
San Diego State University, October 17, 1990Part 2
San Diego State University, October 18, 1990Part 3
San Diego State University, October 18, 1990Part 4
Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist 
Map Marathon 2010 
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