Student news

Zina’s tips for studying from home.

Student news

Zina’s tips for studying from home.

We know that staying motived when studying from home can be hard. So current student and peer mentor, Zina, is sharing her advice.

It is OK to find it difficult to study from home, but it is NOT OK to be stuck.

Students may find it difficult to study from home. I find these strategies very helpful to be motivated to study from home.

  1. Write your “why”. What is your aim of doing this course?
  2. A clean study place is a stress-free one: clean up your study place to prepare for a productive hour (day, week, and month)
  3. Write your graduation date and plan how you will celebrate after your success. Also, plan how you will reward yourself. 

Starting is always difficult: you do not need to be great to start something, but start to be great in it.

Before you start studying, I suggest you do the following:

  1. Write your mile stone goal (e.g., the goal of the week)
  2. Write your daily study goal(s).
  3. Start your day by being grateful. 

This means, write three things that you are grateful for today. For example, I am grateful for waking up healthy, for having what to eat and for having a place where to study and realise my dreams.

  • Be appreciative. For example, everyday write one thing that you appreciate about yourself. My example of this is: one thing I appreciate about myself is I am perseverant, approachable and mindful. 
  • Write your affirmation of today and put it where you can see it when studying. 

Instances of affirmation are: I love myself and I am in love with whom I am becoming. I feel and I believe that I can do it, then I CAN do it. 

This last category of tips is not less important than the above. Devote time everyday for self- care. 

You cannot pour from an empty cup. So, prioritise your physical and mental health.

  1. Sleep enough and eat well.
  2. Exercise (cycling, walking….)
  3. Meditate (to be focused and living the moment)
  4. Mindfulness (Westgate Garden is my best place for mindful walk)
  5. Socialize (virtually)
  6. Journaling (if you like free- writing)

Reference: Part of these tips are out of my experience of being a member in stuck to unstoppable program by Dr. Amy Boyd 

For further advice on studying from home (including information on the support available) and inspiration on ways to take a break click here.