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Your Support, Your Way: 3 Apps to Support Your Wellbeing.

Student news

Your Support, Your Way: 3 Apps to Support Your Wellbeing.

Supporting and improving your wellbeing should always be a priority, and especially in the current climate! As things start to go back to a more ‘normal’ state, you may find yourself feeling a little bit nervous about what’s to come. Whether you’re back at university or still at home, it’s important to figure out what works for you, so here are some of the resources that I use to support my wellbeing!

Spotify and Music Apps

For music fans and podcast lovers alike, Spotify is the perfect hub for content from all genres. I personally like to listen to podcasts, either when at home alone or on my daily walk, as hearing someone talk is quite comforting. It sounds silly but it’s easy to feel lonely in lockdown, so I appreciate the background noise! I know some people prefer Apple Music, so choose whichever platform works best for you.


Us Student Content Ambassadors have been raving about ‘NetflixParty’ for the past few years, so I’m going to continue the legacy! Following some rebranding, the Chrome extension is back as ‘TeleParty’ which functions in the same way as before and is great for streaming films with your friends – it now includes the option to watch Disney+ too. All you have to do is share a link with you friends, and you’ll be able to simultaneously stream the same film or show from your separate accounts and live-react in the chat bar!

ScreenTime in Settings

This one isn’t quite as glamorous as the others but is important to discuss. For the past few weeks, between work and socialising, I’ve averaged around seven hours a day on my phone – and I don’t even remember half of that time! We are all guilty of doom-scolling, but there are ways to limit our screen time and remove distractions.

Most phones have the option to simply lock apps and turn off notifications between certain times, meaning you can focus on lectures or essays when you need to. I find that setting myself ‘phone-free hours’ are a good way to avoid distraction, and also to help improve my wellbeing as I’m spending less time staring at my phone and more time doing other things that actually bring me joy, like cooking or going for walks! While, as shown above, tech can be good for your wellbeing, it can also be detrimental so it’s important to find the balance that works for you.

Thank you for reading, and let us know how you support yourself and your wellbeing.

Written by Student Content Ambassador, Jo.