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What do the new local COVID alert levels mean for me?.

Student news

What do the new local COVID alert levels mean for me?.

Last week the government created a three-tier system with increasing restrictions depending on the designated local COVID alert level:

  • Medium Alert Level
  • High Alert Level
  • Very High Alert level

For all the alert levels the government has committed to keeping universities open.

Kent and Medway, including Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells, are currently at Medium alert level.

This means:

  • you must not socialise in groups larger than 6, indoors or outdoors (other than where a legal exemption applies)
  • certain businesses are required to ensure customers only consume food and drink while seated, and must close between 10pm and 5am
  • places of worship remain open, subject to the rule of 6
  • exercise classes and organised sport can continue to take place outdoors, or indoors if the rule of 6 is followed

You should continue on and off campus to:

  • wear face coverings in those areas where this is required
  • follow social distancing rules
  • when travelling, plan ahead or avoid busy times and routes; walk or cycle if you can

For those universities in a local area at the Very High alert level, face-to-face teaching may be limited with more online provision. As we are at the Medium alert level this does not currently apply to Christ Church.

What if I live and commute from an area that is at a High or Very High alert level?

London and Essex have recently moved to the High alert level.

If you live in an area that is a High or Very High alert level you may continue to travel to university or your placement. If you need to use public transport, you should follow the safer travel guidance – this includes the rules on wearing face coverings.

However, you should aim to reduce the number of journeys you make and plan ahead to avoid busy times and routes on public transport. Regarding other kind of travels (i.e. not related to university or your placement), those living in a Very High alert area are advised to avoid travel where possible in or out of that area.

We continue to closely monitor government guidelines so we can react quickly to the constantly changing situation and have developed comprehensive plans to respond to an outbreak or escalation into a higher alert level, to ensure that we always put the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff first.

As part of a community, we also all have a personal responsibility to keep up-to-date with the latest guidelines so we can continue to look out for each other.

For the full information about your area’s alert level make sure you refer to