This week we’re celebrating Student Volunteers, and showing you ways that you can get involved in the community and beyond! Here are the top 6 current volunteering roles chosen by Christ Church Volunteering. Make sure you sign in by clicking here so you can go straight through to each of the roles listed.

  1. Events roles with Pilgrims Hospices

Join Pilgrims at one of their many fundraiser events and do your part in raising funds to help them deliver support to those who require end-of-life care and their families. From cycle events, to sponsored walks, to vintage tea parties – there is an event to suit everyone and guaranteed to be a fun and rewarding atmosphere for volunteers.

These roles are perfect if: you’re looking for experience in events, you want to volunteer but don’t have a lot of time and you want to make a difference to local people.

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  1. Sports Activators

Christ Church Sport deliver a variety of excellent and inclusive Social Sport sessions throughout the academic year. The Sport Activator volunteers help to deliver the Social Sport sessions to encourage students to get active.

The role is perfect if: you like sports and want to get fit whilst you volunteer and you’re passionate about getting others to experience the benefits of physical activity. To read more about what it means to be a Sports Activator, by clicking here.

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  1. Volunteer Champion

Our new team of Volunteer Champions are students who know first-hand the benefits that volunteering has on your career prospects and earning potential, on your wellbeing and happiness, on the people and community around you – and use their talents to spread the word to other students.

The role is perfect if: you want an opportunity to flex your creative muscles, you want to help shape the face of Christ Church Volunteering, and you are a natural influencer.

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  1. Happy Museums Project Volunteer

Canterbury Museums and Galleries are recruiting volunteers for an exciting new project beginning in January 2019, which they hope will help people with anxiety to experience benefits to the mental wellbeing. Canterbury Museums and Galleries is a National Portfolio Organisation recognised for their health and wellbeing work, and as part of the Happy Museums initiative they are exploring its benefits in every part of their work. In this new project, they would like to invite university students with anxiety to join us to help review and showcase our stored art collection.

The role is perfect if: you have anxiety and love art, you want to volunteer for a longer period and you’re looking for work experience in the arts.

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  1. Tea and Toast Volunteer

Volunteer to help provide hot drinks, water and a safe place to help sober up people on their way home from a night out.

The role is perfect if: you want to help people get home safely, you’re a night owl, you make a mean cup of tea and looking for work experience in supporting others.

Want to get involved?

  1. International Food and Culture Fayre

As part of One World Week (18-22 Feb) CCSU are recruiting volunteers to run stalls at their International Food and Culture Fayre on 22 February 2019. This will involve showcasing food and customs from your culture and sharing them with students and staff at CCCU.

The role is perfect if: you love to cook, eat and share good food, you are interested in other cultures and you want to volunteer but don’t have much time.

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