We know you are excited about starting at Christ Church and want to understand what will be expected of you – so we thought learning more about your timetable is a good place to start.

Your timetable will be made up of the topics and themes you have chosen to study called modules. Each module can consist of:

  • lectures which are attended by everyone studying the module;
  • seminars, workshops and other practicals which are taught in smaller groups;
  • supporting activities such as tutorials or skills sessions;
  • if you are studying a professional body qualification this may involve placements.

Outside of organised teaching there will be time for independent learning whether that is researching in the Library, preparing for assignments, working in groups or developing your academic skills.

However, no programme is the same. Your timetable will be individual to you – even other people on your programme might take some different modules or be in a different group for some classes.

Timetables will be subject to change at the beginning of the academic year.  This is because many of you, with the support of your Programme, will have module choices to make in the first week. We therefore would not want to give you a draft timetable now that may be very different by the time you arrive.

All new students will have a timetable to access on the first day of teachingHowever if you have particular concerns around planning for childcare or employment please contact your Programme Team, who although cannot confirm or change your timetable, may be able to provide advice on what is expected (you can find your programme contact via the Programme Essentials).

We know it is a lot to take in, but don’t worry as everyone is in the same position and there will be plenty of people around in the first few weeks to help you get to the right things at the right time!