Student news

Student takeovers: Introducing Aphiwe.

Student news

Student takeovers: Introducing Aphiwe.

Aphiwe, student content creator at Canterbury Christ Church University

We’d like to officially introduce Aphiwe, our student content creator, who is here to share her uni experience with you and keep you up-to-date with everything related to student life at Canterbury Christ Church University, together with the rest of the team.

My intro…

Oh, hello! Is it too soon to start talking about how cool the intro theme song to every Universal movie is? It probably is but since you’re already reading this, pretend you can hear it in your mind as you read my first blog!  

A little bit about me…

The name is Khuluse. Aphiwe Khuluse. I’ve just turned 20 and even though my party happened in Club Bedroom and music was by DJ Pillow, I would say that Lockdown did not stop me from having a great evening.

I’m currently studying a Bsc(hons) in Human Biology and I’ve just finished my Foundation Year which was so great.

Uni so far is so fun but it’s all about the mentality you are in when you enter it. University is what you make it to be. It’s the beginning of your life as an independent person so it’s very important to understand and remember where you come from so that you know where you’re going and also so that your morals or values aren’t tainted or obscured in any way.

Why I chose to start with a Foundation Year

If you’re considering doing a Foundation Year, then I would highly recommend it as it opens up so many doors to other fields of study that you might be interested in. Since we’re still getting to know each other and I don’t want to freak you out, I won’t tell you my deepest secrets or embarrassing childhood stories just yet but something you might find interesting is that I’m from South Africa and I moved to Canterbury in September 2019.  

My advice…

I’ve always admired England and the quality of education in tertiary school but the reason why I came here is so that I could explore and learn new things, not only about the new city I’m in but about a completely new world for me.

I’m a very courageous person and honestly, coming here was the best decision I ever made. Just the idea of moving to another country is scary on its own but what my mom used to tell me is that every situation is like a gigantic piece of cake (picture it being the size of a fridge), you can’t eat the whole thing at once, you have to cut it up and eat it piece by piece. This advice extends into uni as well:

My advice would be don’t take on more than you can handle, to put it simply but focus on yourself and have a good time while getting the best education for your future.

I really enjoy expressing exactly how I feel while I write so that I can bring life to mere words. So if I have made you hungry, I am so sorry but don’t worry, I’m thinking about cake, too!  

Follow me through the uni’s socials

As your student content ambassador, I’m excited to be sharing what it’s like to be an international student as well as how to deal with the finances and budgeting that comes with that. I will also be covering the things you guys tell me to cover.

Whether it be on Instagram @canterburyccuni or if you need advice/help on anything university related, then you can also find me on the Unibuddy app, where we can talk about anything you’d like.

The last thing I would want is for you to feel like you’re alone when I’m here. So see me as a uni compass or guide, who makes terrible jokes from time to time. Even though we’ve now come to the end of the blog, please remember these things I’ve written: 

Uni is what you make it  

The Cake Concept 

Also, you are not alone.