Student news

Stay connected through dance during lockdown.

Student news

Stay connected through dance during lockdown.

Amy, Dance Education student runs online dance classes during lockdown

Our new normal has put a stop to many of the everyday activities we may have taken for granted, but one thing it hasn’t done, is taken away your resolve to keep creating. 

Third year Dance Education student, Amy O’Sullivan, is one of the many making the transition from face-to-face to online content creation.

As part of her thesis, Amy started hosting dance classes at the university back in January, determined to open up the world of dance to everyone, bolstered by the belief that she didn’t think “dance has anything to do with how you look or your experience level. Dance is all about how it makes you feel.”

Before long, it became much more than just an academic addition, it blossomed into a profession. Amy launched her own dance company ‘Grow Your Glow’ and the classes grew.

Dance has been a massive part of my life. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.

Instagram live dances classes

When the lockdown order came, Amy knew that in these uncertain times, people needed something to hold onto more than ever. They needed a creative outlet, consistency and an hour a week to just have fun and be free. Instead of performing in a studio, she was now performing from her bedroom and filming the results, to share with fellow dance lovers online!

To join Amy’s virtual dance class, Amy advises that “all you need is wifi and a phone” and to follow the link to her company Instagram. It’s a great chance to get some exercise and join “an environment that’s a positive place to make friends and fall in love with dance”. 

Follow Amy’s classes every Monday night at 5:30pm on her Grow your Glow Instagram channel.

Behind-the-scenes of the creative process

To give you all an insight into Amy’s process, she’s filmed a Week in her Life vlog, showing how she goes from coming up with her choreography to a finished class ready for upload.

Let us know if you’d like to go behind-the-scenes with some of our other Faculty of Arts & Humanities students, to see how they’re staying creative during this time.