Semester Assessment Results Release Update: please look at the following blog post for the latest information regarding results release.

If your programme is delivered in Semesters, assessment results will be released online on your Student Portal.

Over 7,000 results will be issued in groups throughout the day – so please be patient. You will receive an email notification when your individual results are available to view and you can check the Student Blog for when all results for each level have been released.

Foundation and Level 4 results will be released in the morning followed by Level 5 and then Level 6 in the afternoon, but please note you may receive yours at a different time of day to other students in your cohort.

Your Academic Summary

Your Academic Summary has been improved with the key information you need all in one place and clearer instructions on any actions you may need to take.

It is really important that you check your academic summary as it will confirm:

  • Your degree classification if you are a finalist (e.g. First class)
  • Whether you have passed enough modules to receive a final award or continue to the next year of your programme
  • Whether you have to complete any reassessment

For information on how to view your results, please click here and for guidance on how to understand your Academic Summary please click here.


There are two type of reassessments – July Reassessment and Reassessment with Attendance

July Reassessment

July reassessments for Semester 1 and Semester 2 will take place between Monday 9 and Saturday 14 July 2018

The Reassessment Exam Timetable will be released on 26 June. If you need to take a reassessment it is important that you are available at the specified time as these are formally set dates that cannot be changed, and unless you have any extenuating circumstance you must attempt all your reassessments to be eligible to progress.

Reassessment with Attendance

This will require you to undertake reassessment by attending in the following year those modules that you have not yet passed. You will receive further communication on this.


Please remember there is a range of support available to help you with your reassessment and ensure that you still go on to succeed in your studies. If you have any questions you can contact Results Support on 01227 926677 from 19 June (11-5) until Friday 22 June. They will be calling all students who are expecting reassessments to provide advice and check you know what to do.

For further information on reassessment see Your Guide to Undergraduate Assessment and Award Processes.