Student news

Prime Minister’s roadmap for universities.

Student news

Prime Minister’s roadmap for universities.

The Prime Minister has made an announcement on how the national lockdown will be eased. This included guidance to universities on when and how students can safely return to on campus face-to-face teaching as part of our blended learning approach.

Please be assured that throughout this transition we remain committed to delivering all our students an outstanding education while prioritising your health, safety and wellbeing.  We want to ensure that whatever you are studying, at whatever level, you are given the best possible opportunity to progress and succeed in your studies.

The government roadmap outlines a phased return to on campus face-to-face teaching and assessments as part of our blended learning approach as follows:

  • Students currently allowed on campus
    In January, the government confirmed that students on Medicine, Health and Social Care, Teacher Education and Social Work programmes could return to campus if timetabled to do so.
  • Students allowed on campus from 8 March
    The government has prioritised the return of those students who need to come on to campus for practical teaching, specialist facilities or onsite assessments to complete their year or award.
  • From Mid-April
    After Easter the government will review the options for the return of all other students. This will be based on the latest data and we will be given a week’s notice ahead of any decision. Until then we will continue to deliver high quality online learning for these students ensuring you have access to all the digital resources that you need to progress.


We know, that during this transition, you may have questions or concerns. The University is here to help you during this time please click here for details on the full support available for protecting your academic outcomes, financial hardship and mental wellbeing.

  • The government acknowledges that some students remained at their University address during lockdown, such as international students or those who have health or safety reasons. In addition, the government recognises that some students do not have access to appropriate study space or facilities at home.  In these exceptional circumstances you can access campus facilities, such as the library, to support your learning.
  • If you have any other difficulties or concerns about attending on campus face-to- face teaching, please contact your Personal Academic Tutor or Programme Director for advice.
  • If you are an international student currently living overseas, we will be sending you further advice this week.

Your safe return

Students returning on 8 March are encouraged to take a COVID-19 asymptomatic test before they travel back to university, where community testing facilities are available to them.

Upon your return the government is expecting all students, including commuting students, to have received two negative COVID-19 asymptomatic test results, three days apart, before going on campus for face-to-face teaching or to access university facilities.  If you do not get tested, you will have to self-isolate for 10 days before coming on to campus. Appointments from 1 March at our asymptomatic test centre will be available from 10am tomorrow here.

Once on campus the recommendation is for students to take a test twice a week. Regular testing is essential to helping stop the spread of the virus and ensure your safety on campus and the safety of those around you.

When on campus your health and safety is our priority. We have a range of measures in place to provide a COVID secure environment and ask everyone to continue to follow the government guidelines around social distancing, wearing face coverings and regular hand washing.

For further details on how we are supporting your safe return to campus please click here .

Next Steps

Your Programme Team is currently working through the implications of the new government guidance and making adjustments where needed to support your ongoing learning and academic success.

By 5pm Tuesday 23 February we will be publishing a list of those programmes expected to be returning, from week commencing 8 March, to on campus face-to face teaching as part of our blended learning approach.

In the meantime, please stay where you are currently living and continue to engage with your learning as planned.