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National Student Money Week: Expect the Unexpected.

Student news

National Student Money Week: Expect the Unexpected.

National Student Money Week information

For most of us, going to University is the first time we’ve experienced having to be responsible with our money to the extent of paying rent and bills, food shopping and having enough left over to replace those shoes that you avoid wearing in the rain because of the hole in the bottom. And now with the pandemic, the ordinary struggles with money students face have been amplified, and provided us all with brand new financial struggles to burden.

National Student Money Week starts on February 22nd with the apt theme of “Expect the Unexpected” providing advice on financial planning for a rainy day and activities such as Webinars, Competitions and a free e-book.

National Student Money Week webinars

Sign up for the following webinars.

1. Financial Wellbeing in COVID Times – 23/02/21

  • What is a recession and why is one coming: understand the impact of macro events on your life.
  • Assessing your current financial situation: how to work out where you are and how to get where you want.
  • Developing financial goals: how to set your personal, big-picture objectives.
  • Identifying courses of action: take steps to turn goals into reality.

2. Building financial resilience for all (and any) time – 25/02/21

  • Developing a strong foundation: learn how to withstand any financial situation life throws at you.
  • Budgeting like a boss: why the B-word is the most important word.
  • Getting out of debt: because that’s where your power will be.
  • Saving for investment: the basis of building wealth.
  • Practical steps for turbulent times: prepare for the unexpected.

For more information visit the National Student Money Week website.

Financial support available to current students

Students in financial hardship can access additional funds. This is here to help ensure you are able to continue your studies and to help you achieve successful outcomes during this difficult time.