Student news

My top five online uni resources for students.

Student news

My top five online uni resources for students.

When starting at university it can be easy to be overwhelmed with all of the information and resources that you’ll need throughout your degree, keep reading to find out my top five online university resources to make life easier whilst you complete your studies.


Blackboard is the university’s Virtual Learning Environment. All of your modules will have their own folder filled with all of the information you will need. As you go through the module your lecturers will upload PowerPoints, resources, and recordings, as well as any announcements, these could be about your course, module or opportunities that come up. Blackboard is also where you will submit your assignments and can check drafts before submission, this will all be explained to you, don’t worry! You can also use Blackboard to access a range of services including Cite them Right (to help you with referencing) and Box of Broadcasts (digital resource). 


If you don’t already have it, it is a really good idea to download the Outlook app as this will give you easy access to your uni emails. It is important to check your emails daily as you may miss an important announcement about a class or event, and having the app and allowing notifications makes it super easy to keep up to date. 

Student webpages 

The student webpages give you access to everything you will possibly need. There are different sections for new students and current students. Each with links to the most relevant and important information for you as you go through your degree. Take the time to explore the webpages so you know how to navigate them easily and can access all of the resources at your disposal. 

Library Search

LibrarySearch is a crucial tool when it comes to research. It is a quick and easy way to find books and journals relating to your topic as well as locate specific books within the university libraries. Don’t worry if the book you want is held at a different campus you can order it easily online for collection at the library closest to you. LibrarySearch also provides links to a range of online resources which is great because it is always important to use a range of different resources in your work and assignments. Find out what collections & resources are available to you as a Christ Church student here

Cite Them Right

If you’re new to academic referencing Cite Them Right will be crucial to making sure you are doing it right. You can use it for pretty much every different form of referencing and all you have to do is input the information and it will format it properly for you. This is great practice for doing it by yourself and is available from Blackboard, simply sign in through the University server and referencing has never been easier!

I hope you find all of the resources helpful, make sure you explore all of the online resources available to you to make studying easier and more enjoyable! 

Written by current student, Olivia