As the end of term quickly approaches, so does the prospect of moving out of your accommodation. This can be a busy and stressful time so whether in private or University accommodation here is a useful checklist to help things go smoothly.

  • CHECK your tenancy/licence agreement to see what it says about what you need to do when moving out and what your obligations are – you don’t want to be caught out!
  • PAY: Make sure all your fees/rent are paid. If in private accommodation don’t forget to settle any bills such as gas, electric, phone or water before you leave, so you don’t get charged for anything you are not responsible for. If you don’t pay your rent, this could affect you getting a reference for future lets or even a mortgage.
  • CHANGE your address. It might help to do this a few weeks before you move so you don’t miss any post. Also cancel any subscriptions. And don’t forget to tell the University as they may have important information to send to you before the next Academic year – update your Personal Details Tile on the Student Portal.
  • CLEAN. Remove all items including rubbish and clean thoroughly. Don’t forget to check the kitchen and fridge for food and empty the bins, so your landlord does not charge you for this.

Your deposit

For private accommodation – Getting your deposit back After leaving the property, your landlord should write to you if they want to make any deductions from your deposit, if you had one. If you have a joint tenancy with other housemates talk to each other to make sure you all leave it in a good condition.

Your tenancy agreement will outline when you can expect to get your deposit back. If the deductions are reasonable and you agree, you simply email back and let them know.

If you don’t agree, don’t feel pressured to accept it. You can try and compromise with your landlord yourself but you can also have your case passed to the deposit protection service.

If you are disputing your deposit, here’s a more detailed guide.

Also check out the Students’ Union guide Looking, Living, Leaving.

Let’s talk rubbish!

We appreciate that when moving out extra rubbish can be generated but we want to work with you to reduce any impact on the community, encourage recycling where possible and ensure your moving out is hassle free.

All the information you need to know about what goes in what bin, when the bin collection dates are and how to recycle are on the council website

Plus working in partnership we are providing these extra facilities for our students:

  • In central Canterbury, thanks to the Canterbury City Council and Serco there will be a bin amnesty from 10 June to 5 July 2019 were all rubbish left out in key areas will picked up as part of a weekly collection.

  • Thanks to the Canterbury City Council we are also able to provide purple sacks if you think you are going to have extra rubbish. Just ask at North Holmes Security Reception desk in Anselm.
  • Make packing easier by donating your unwanted stuff. We are teaming up with the British Heart Foundation to make it easy for students to dispose of possessions they don’t want to take home. Look out in your Halls of Residence or ask the Student’s Union for collection bags. Click here for donation bins.
  • Don’t want to take your duvet with you? Drop them off to Housekeeping at Anslem Reception  and we will donate them to the Dog’s Trust.
  • Left over tinned or dried food – don’t forget the Chaplaincy has a food bank.

We are proud to be working with a range of charities and to help you donate items to good causes.

If you have any concerns about moving out, you can speak confidentially to our Student Support and Wellbeing Advisers about a wide range of personal, financial and academic matters. For details on their drop in opening times and locations click here.  Alternatively you can email the team at or call on 01227 922675.