Student news

Level 5 and 6 Assessment Results (Calendar A and C).

Student news

Level 5 and 6 Assessment Results (Calendar A and C).

Throughout the unprecedented time of Covid-19, our priority has been to support our students to progress and have the best opportunity to succeed.   

We wish all those students who have recently completed their assessments in the last fortnight, or who still have their assessments to complete, good luck.   

For students on Calendar A, your Semester 2 results will be released as follows: 

  • Level 6 students – 1 July 
  • Level 5 students – 14 July  
  • Level 4 students on programmes with professional body requirement – 15 July 

For students on Calendar C your Trimester 2 Results will be released on – 8 July 

The results will be released in batches during the day between 1pm and 5pm. They will be emailed as a PDF direct to your University email address.  

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the release of the results is later than usual. This is to support students with exceptional extenuating circumstances to still have their results issued in a timely manner. This means those students who had extensions of 14 days will have their results on the dates above and it is hoped that those who had extensions of 21 days will also be released then, or shortly afterwards.   

For students on Calendar B1/B2 Semester Long and Calendar D Trimester Early Start we will be in touch shortly about your key dates. 


The formal reassessment period will now be from 3 August. It is important that if you need to take reassessment that you ensure you are available at this time.  

There have been changes to Assessment Regulations and who will need to take reassessment, to support as many students as possible to progress to the next level. Further details will be provided by the end of May.  

Stay in Touch 

Please continue to check your University email address and blackboard for further updates and important information.   

Details of graduation will be released later this week.  

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Programme Team. You can also contact the i-zone on or via Live Chat.