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How to make the right university choice as an international student.

Student news

How to make the right university choice as an international student.

Aphiwe on the Canterbury Christ Church University campus

This could seem like the hardest decision but with research, you will be able to narrow down your options and ultimately know which uni is the best one for you. Fear not, explorer, for I am here to tell you what I considered before choosing Canterbury Christ Church University.  

Blog by first year international student, Aphiwe.

As an international student, there’s so many factors to consider. To quote Aladin, you’re in “a whole new world” and it’s easy to get overwhelmed or know where to begin.  So, first things first, don’t forget to BREATHE.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Find out the University values

So many universities are supportive and understanding to international students like us. Therefore, it’s important to know what values the uni you’ve chosen stands by. The universities always have their values and beliefs on their main website so it gives you an idea of how the uni works and how it treats its students that are local as well as international.  

To learn more about Canterbury Christ Church University’s morals and values, have a look at these links:  

2. Read information specifically for International students

Check out the university’s section for international students, in most cases you’ll find that they accept several international qualifications. I found this to be very useful as I have South African qualifications and opted for a Foundation Year, which was extremely beneficial.  

3. Look at the courses the uni offers

This might seem obvious but have a look at what courses the uni you’ve chosen offers. Wait, wait… please hear me out! After you graduate, you might want to go further to study a postgraduate degree at the same university, so there’s no harm in conducting additional research now because there are so many opportunities that each course offers.  

Look at the undergraduate and postgraduate courses available.

4. See how the uni looks

With what’s happening around us and an uncertain future, it is very important to ensure that you make the best choice as the uni that you choose to study at will be where you further your studies and later on graduate.  

Even though it is not the same as being on campus, I recommend going on virtual tours so that you can see how the uni looks and with social distancing measures in place, you might have some of your classes on campus. Canterbury Christ Church is such a green campus as it is designed in a way that in between buildings, there are gardens, as well as benches near green spaces and trees.

Take a virtual tour

Let the virtual tours give you a sense of familiarity so that when you do see these buildings in real life, you already feel like a sense of belonging. Canterbury Christ Church Virtual Tours really helped me as I could not come to the campus before registering as a full-time student. Everything started to make sense and it became an exhilarating experience for me, when what I saw matched real life.  

Sign up to a virtual open day

With everything happening across the world right now, universities are offering lots more interactive open days that really benefit those who cannot visit campus before deciding which uni to apply for.

Sign up to an upcoming Virtual Open Day now.

Enjoy the process!  

Sometimes just the idea of something like this can be daunting, like I mentioned earlier but when you start the process, it’s actually really exciting 🙂

One thing that always keeps me going is looking at and remembering how far you’ve come and what you want to achieve in the long run. Never look outside yourself for the motivation you need. With anything in life, it’s all about how you choose to respond or react. I hope this blog helps you and I wish you nothing but the best in your choice.  

Don’t forget to breathe and I’ll see you soon 🙂 

Photo of Aphiwe at the Canterbury campus
Photo of Aphiwe at the Canterbury campus