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Free period products for all CCCU students.


Free period products for all CCCU students.

The university, in partnership with the Student’s Union, will be making period products available free across all campuses in the new year.

As part of Period Awareness Week, Beth Elwood, the Students’ Union President (Campaigns and Societies) has been highlighting period poverty and challenging the stigma associated with menstruation.

Recent research conducted by the Students’ Union showed that 55% of students who responded have been on campus with no access to period products and 43% have struggled to afford period products at one point. It is estimated that users of period products can spend around £10 per month, so it has a significant financial impact.

As a result, the University has agreed to supply free period products in its main large toilets across all campuses from January – not just those allocated to female-identifying students. It’s important that we remember that not all women menstruate, and not everyone who menstruates is a woman

Beth stated “I am so delighted we are able, with the University, to make this happen. It is important that everyone who needs period products has access to them and we are doing all we can to create a safe environment where people’s experiences and needs are met and respected.”

Further details will be available next year.

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