Student news

Formal assessments in 2020/21 will be take-home online exams..

Student news

Formal assessments in 2020/21 will be take-home online exams..

To support our students in their studies during COVID-19 it has been agreed for 2020-2021 that all formal assessments and reassessments called “Examinations” will be conducted as take-home online exams.  This may vary for those on programmes with specific professional or statutory requirements.

What is involved in a take-home exam?

Take-home online exams will be similar to the formal exams you would have taken in-person on campus and are designed to be completed within the 2-hour or 3-hour time constraint normally given to exams on campus.

A take-home exam involves:

  • the examination paper being made available to students through their Module Blackboard
  • downloading the examination paper
  • completing the examination on your own computer
  • submitting your completed examination paper through Turnitin

When will my exams be?

You can find out when your formal assessment period will be here. Closer to the time your exam timetable will also be posted here.

How long will I have to complete the take-home exam?

You will usually have 24 hours in which to complete and upload your work to Turnitin.

This means that when the exam starts at 11:00 AM (UK Time), it will finish at 11:00 AM (UK Time) 24 hours later.

The 24 hours provides a window of time for you to complete and upload as required, taking into account that you may experience additional challenges taking the exam remotely or scheduling it around other responsibilities at home. It also allows students who are normally entitled to additional time, rest breaks, an individual room or the use of a computer to manage these arrangements themselves within the 24-hour window.

What will I need to be able to complete take-home exams?

You will require a personal computer, a reliable internet connection and access to your module Blackboard.

We are offering a long-term loan laptop loan scheme for students who are unable to access the right IT equipment for them to digitally engage with their programme.

What support is available for you to do your best in take-home exams?

Academic Development Week is the perfect time to start preparing for your assignments and improving your exam skills.

  • In your module, you will receive advice and guidance to prepare for the take-home exam, and given an opportunity to ask questions about it
  • Your Personal Academic Tutor  can provide you with advice and guidance on any skills you may need to develop to succeed.
  • The Learning Skills Hub  provides you the opportunity to develop your skills and assess your understanding through a range of modules aimed at your level of study.
  • Your Digital Library is your gateway to  online learning resources accessible anytime and anywhere including e-books, journals and databases.
  • SkillsforStudy offers a range of carefully paced modules where you can complete a wide variety of interactive activities, tests and assessments. They have one on time management and one on exam skills.
  • A peer mentor can share their own experience of completing take-home exams and any study tips that worked for them.