Student news

Everything you need to know about studying a combined honours degree.

Student news

Everything you need to know about studying a combined honours degree.

Hi, I’m Harrison and I am a combined honours student studying two subjects: American Studies and Events Planning. In this blog, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about studying a combined honours here at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Studying two subjects doesn’t mean you study two degrees

As a combined honours student I study two subjects: American Studies and Events Planning. This does not mean I study two full degrees. A simplified explanation is I study two half degrees and put them together to form one. However, you can major in one subject after your first year.  

The benefits of studying two subjects

1. Combine your diverse interests

I chose to do a combined honours course because I have diverse interests. I enjoy managing events and I also have a keen interest in the USA. Combined honours allows me to explore both of those interests.  

2. Open up more opportunities

You can also take advantage of the benefits of each course. For example, first year Events students have a field trip to tenerife and American Studies students have the option to study in North America for a year. (This has now been extended to the Events course now, by the way). These are two great outcomes of studying combined honours: explore your diverse interests and attain more opportunities. 

3. Meet more people!

You can also make more friends as studying two subjects opens you up to meeting more fellow students. 

Let me share with you what a typical day would be like…

Just like most other single honours courses I had three modules per semester and 4 contact hours per week per module.  

My Mondays last semester included an events module starting at 11am – 1pm called work based learning, afterwards I would grab lunch with friends and check my emails. I then had an American studies module about American literature at 3pm – 7pm. As this finished late I would make sure to have a big lunch before the lecture started. Especially as I had tennis training at 8pm.  

What to consider before applying for a combined honours degree

With anything there are pros and cons and it is about weighing them up and figuring out if it is something that works for you.

1. Different subjects demand different styles of writing  

Don’t let it catch you out like it did for me! My advice is to look into this when applying. Ask lecturers and current students what writing styles are expected from each course.

2. Whilst studying two subjects can open you up to a wider range of modules, you may not be able to study every module in each subject.

This is something you will have to look at as it may not even be a problem as a wide range of module choices will still be available.  

There is support available!

Fortunately, the university is used to running combined honours courses and combined honours students are well supported with dedicated lecturers in each subject to assist in any way they can.  

Find your combined honours degree

Check our course list to see which subjects you can study in combination.