Student news

Enhancements to student timetables for 2021/22.

Student news

Enhancements to student timetables for 2021/22.

We have heard from many of our students that they want more choice in how to access their personalised student timetable. Some want their student timetable to be available on the web and others would prefer to use Apple or Google calendars, instead of it automatically being part of the calendar that comes with their student email.

For the new academic year, we’ve made changes to your student timetable to give you this flexibility, and to improve the speed at which your timetable is updated if there is an unavoidable change to one of your classes.

Introducing MyTimetable

You can access your personalised timetable via MyTimetable provided you’re registered on the correct modules and your course administrator has allocated you to your teaching activities. There’s a detailed user guide for MyTimetable, plus the short video below will provide you with a quick overview of its key features.

  • Continuing students will be able to access their complete student timetables via MyTimetable no later than the start of their third week of teaching. In the meantime, you can continue to access the teaching timetable for your course at UniTimetables, cross-referencing it where necessary with group information posted on your Course Blackboard by your Course Team.
  • New students should expect their complete student timetable to be available via MyTimetable within 15 working days of completing registration. If this is not the case, then please contact your Course Team. You can find their details in your Course Essentials.

You may find that some of your classes are visible at MyTimetable sooner than others. This is because your Course Team may assign you to one module/group/type of activity (e.g. online classes) at a time. Most students study three modules in their first Semester/Trimester, so once you can see teaching activities for three modules it’s likely that your timetable is complete or very nearly complete.

If you are studying one of the small number of courses which are unable to provide a personal timetable (this includes some courses with external professional regulatory requirements, placements, or courses that are just a few weeks long), or there’s a delay to your student timetable becoming available, your Course Team will continue to make sure you know where and when your teaching will take place.

Key features of MyTimetable

MyTimetable enables you to:

  • view details of all the lectures, seminars, practicals and online classes that you are expected to attend (but excluding placement activities, where applicable)
  • download and synchronise your student timetable with the calendar app of your choice, such as Outlook, Apple, Yahoo, Google and others, so you can see your teaching timetable alongside your personal events in one place
  • opt in to receive email alerts, to any email address of your choice, when a change is made to any activities on your student timetable that are happening within the next 7 days
  • automatically see events that you have booked via MyBookings, for example when you have booked a study room
  • find and save other teaching events to your timetable, e.g. if you are invited to attend a lecture that is not for your course.

If your course isn’t able to provide you with a personalised timetable you can go to MyTimetable to build your own. Simply use the ‘Find timetable’ function to choose modules and/or courses and then select the activities that you should be attending. Once you’re happy with your timetable, you can save and subscribe to it using your preferred calendar app.