The University has a wide range of IT facilities available to you as students, including super-fast Wi-Fi across all of our campus’ and University Accommodation.

Connecting to Wi-Fi  eduroam

Eduroam is the recommended service for filtered internet access. It is the main University wireless network allowing access to the internet and connectivity at other eduroam participating educational institutions around the world, wherever you see the eduroam logo.

In July last year, the IT Team in partnership with the Estates and Facilities Team enhanced the Wi-Fi network across all of our campus network. It is now possible to get super-fast Wi-Fi coverage in more areas inside and outside buildings, across the majority of the University’s Estate.

Be one step ahead and learn how to connect to the Wi-Fi for when you arrive, it’s simple:

  • Connect to ‘eduroam’
  • Enter your, e.g. (NB: NOT your email address), followed by your password.

For more information on connecting your device to the University eduroam network, visit here.

Connecting to ResNet

– the University’s Accommodation Internet Service

If you live in University accommodation, you can also connect to the internet via ResNet. This service is recommended for devices that are not compatible with our main service, eduroam.

If you are living in University accommodation then we recommend eduroam as your internet service of choice ideal for laptops, tablets, computers and mobile phones.

However eduroam is not compatible with all devices – including games consoles, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast. In these cases you will need to register each of your devices with ResNet in order to access the internet.

Find out more about connecting to the ResNet Internet Service.

In most halls of residence, a very high-speed service is available. Speeds of well over 100Mbps are available, although this depends on the capability of your device, and is not always guaranteed during peak times. In some locations, and particularly in houses and smaller halls of residence (with four or five flats), speeds are slower, but in all cases, speeds of over 20Mbps are available.

For further information you can browse our ResNet FAQs

If you require further assistance, or would like to set up a wired connection, please contact the i-zone.