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Chooseday Chill: a scrabble score of 28.


Chooseday Chill: a scrabble score of 28.

Chooseday Chill, a play on words for when it takes place, is on every Tuesday between 5pm and 7pm in the Augustine House Library Atrium Café. You can come along, meet new people, play some games, do arts and crafts, enjoy free tea and toast or talk to someone from the Student Wellbeing Service.  

On Tuesday, I met some new people, played several rounds of scrabble, learnt some new words, had long chats about anything and everything and was able to de-stress and distract myself for a few hours.  

I have always enjoyed playing board games and think it is a great way to connect with new people, chat, laugh and have fun.

My top 10 board games to inspire you!

Here are my top 10 board games that you might like to play with your friends, family, classmates or housemates.  

  1. The Game of Life 
  1. Monopoly 
  1. Scrabble 
  1. Cluedo  
  1. Pointless  
  1. Ludo  
  1. Mouse Trap 
  1. Trivial Pursuit 
  1. Twister 
  1. The Best of British Game 

Why attend Chooseday Chill?

It is important to make time to do something you enjoy but also to do something out of your comfort zone, coming along to Chooseday Chill allows you to do both. You can meet new people, make friends for life while taking part in all sorts of fun and exciting activities like drawing, colouring, board games, ping pong, knitting and so much more.  

There are so many ways that you can connect with people as part of the CCCU Connect campaign whether that be through wellbeing events or experience days…

Blog post written by Kira, Connect Student Ambassador

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