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CCCU student launches own “Be body confident” campaign.


CCCU student launches own “Be body confident” campaign.

On National Body Confidence Day, we are delighted to share the story of Christ Church Student Charlotte Ralph and the launch of her own Be Body Confident campaign.  

Hello, to those who are reading this, this is the first blog that I have ever written and you’re wondering who I am and what my story is about, shall we begin…

I am 30 years old; I am a mum to 3 children, 2 boys who are 8 & 7 years old and my daughter who is 10 years old. I can say being a parent is a full-time job on its own let alone trying to fit anything else in! And life can be a struggle, but I would not change it for the world – they brighten up each day, they make everything seem worthwhile and they keep you fighting for what you believe in.

I study a full-time business degree at Christ Church and this will be my final and fourth year, which is very scary but exciting at the same time, as that’s when real life will kick in and reality will hit.

Apart from these things, I alos have a passion of art and creativity, it’s like the other half of me. I am a published children’s’ author and I have my own small business that I do at home called the Rose Gold Gallery for which I create art therapy products for women, girls and children.

My art has helped me to express myself and I like to use this to help others around me. Life has never been easy for me, I have had lots of struggles, all sorts of harm and even down to self-harming myself. I have always had issues with my own body confidence – I never loved who I was, thinking I was never important enough. So, I launched a “Be Body Confident” campaign to show its ok to be you.

To do this I use my body as a canvas and paint it with all different illustrations. Through this I express who I am and show the world that being you is the best thing of all and that there is no reason to hide away. I have now started to run body art workshops to help others on their self-discovery journey. And I have even put on my own body confident painting fashion show to help other women and men stand tall. 

I was always told I was never good enough and that I would not achieve anything – but yet I stand here making others happy around me, achieving my first business award for author of the year and launching my campaign.

So, my advice on National Body Confidence Day is to love who you really are and do not care what others think of you, be brave, and always be body confident! Its time to shine and be happy to be the real you.

Charlotte is looking for Ambassadors to join her campaign. To find out more about Charlotte’s campaign and how you might get involved click here.

If you are affected by body confident issues you may find it helpful to talk to someone:

  • The Mental Wellbeing Team are always at hand if you every need a chat or support. They offer a range of drop-ins both on campus and virtually.
  • Togetherall is a free 24/7 online support service where you can go if you’re feeling down or struggling to cope with anything. Whether you want to speak to peers or a counsellor, there will be someone there every minute of every day.
  • Our online self-help guides cover different topics including Eating Disorders, Food for Thought and Shyness and Social Anxiety.

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