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Be a Good Neighbour and Support Your Local Community!.

Student news

Be a Good Neighbour and Support Your Local Community!.

We are so happy that we can welcome you all back to University life- we have missed you! Whilst we are really excited to have you back it is important to remember that life has not completely returned to normal and we still have members of our communities vulnerable to the virus or key workers providing indispensable services.

With this in mind, we are encouraging you all to be Good Neighbours and play your part in supporting the local community.

Here are some of the steps that you could take to be a good neighbour:

  •  Keep up to date on government guidelines and act accordingly

Check the government guidelines and make sure that your conduct is adhering to the guidelines. Currently the advice includes wearing a facemask in shops and on public transport, and socialising in groups larger than 6. Breaches in the COVID government guidelines may result in police action.

  1. See what volunteering is available

Build your skills and experience and give something back to the community by volunteering. Our friendly volunteering team can help you find the right opportunity no matter how much time you can spare. From placements in charities or not-for-profit organisation, to roles within the University there’s lots on offer whether you can spare a few hours or a day a week. 

Check out our volunteering opportunities.

  • Show consideration for your neighbours

Life is getting back on track but we need to remember that there are still individuals in our community who are vulnerable or key workers who are providing a critical service to the community. Be a good neighbour by being considerate of your noise levels around your home and safely check in with them to see if they need anything.

  • Keep your community clean and tidy

This starts at home by making sure that you know your refuse collection days. You can find this information at or There are also plenty of opportunities to go for a little pick. Find out more through volunteering opportunities.

  • Get out and about and explore what Kent has to offer!

We’re so lucky to have loads of fantastic sights on our doorstep from the white cliffs of Dover, to beautiful beaches- there’s loads to explore. Check out some of Kent’s hidden gems.

Let us know how you’re being a good neighbour by tagging us on Instagram!