CCCU are providing a new way to register your attendance from September 2017 at Canterbury. 
The new process will make use of your existing smartcards, enabling you to tap into your teaching activities using a much simpler method than the current manual ways we take registers.

You will be able to view your own attendance and the new system will also provide your programme teams with information to help them support you in your studies.

As a responsible institution, the University believes it has a duty to follow-up promptly on matters of non-attendance so that students can get the support they need to succeed.

Replacing a Lost Smartcard / Student ID

If you need a replacement Smartcard and haven’t requested one before, you will be able to order a new one for free from now until the end of October. It can take up to ten days to arrive by post to your term time address.

To ensure you have your replacement card in time for September, make sure to check that your term time address is up to date and then place your order at the Canterbury i-zone helpdesk.